Question about submitting drafts through message or 'delivering'


For my photoshop gig, I usually end up sending drafts to get some feedback before sending the final product. Would this best be done through a message? Or is it better to send the drafts and the final product through the ‘deliver’ feature.



Send the drafts through as a message on the order page. You can still add attachments.


If I sent the draft through a message and the buyer was happy with it, he could just run off with it and never ‘complete’ the order, is that correct?


It depends how far along your draft is. If the draft is of a deliverable format and you are looking to see if they want any changes, mark it as complete.

In Fiverr V2, after marking something as complete, the users sees two options a lot more prominently than in V1 - which are basically the ability to mark as complete by leaving feedback, and the ability to “reject” the work for amendments.

If your draft is of deliverable format, you may consider adding a message like this as you mark it as complete:

"Please find your design attached. I am now marking this order as complete. If you are happy with everything and require no changes, please also do the same by leaving a review.

If you have any issues, queries or changes, please message me before leaving a review"

This way, if they want changes, you are prompting them to contact you. If they don’t want changes, you don’t have to wait around for days if they aren’t prompt to reply.

Hope this helps.


Reply to @twistedweb123: by marking it as complete you’re talking about delivering the file?


Something unusual happened to me last week when a buyer order my Business Card Design GIG, i delivered him final files and then he ask for revision. I did the revision also and deliver again.

Next day i see his message for cancelling the order and refund his money otherwise he will leave negative review. I contact customer support and they said communicate with buyer etc etc.

In the END i did refund him so that i did not get NEGATIVE REVIEW.

Then i ask customer support is that possible i can send watermarked final files and get approved before delivering the FINAL files. They agree with this to send watermark stuff (design related).

So if we send watermarked graphic and write in delivery notice clearly that please review the design, once you review it i will deliver final files.

In this case SELELRS work will be protected, if buyer agree to get final files and leave negative then Customer Support will help seller also.

It’s a proper way to bypass those CHEAT BUYERS who did get the work and ask for refund.