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Question about the Blind Review system?

Just a quick question about the blind review system.

Today i received a 1 star rating out of nowhere and i’ve had no contact with this buyer since delivering the order nor have i rated him with any buyer feedback but yet the review has been submitted out of nowhere. Do negative reviews submit themselves if you do not review them with any buyer feedback once the order id completed automatically?

What i’ve been doing is when i see ‘SO AND SO has left you a review’ i get in touch with them saying something along the lines of ‘was everything okay with your order’ so i get to know how they felt about the order and if they say everything is fine i go ahead and rate them 5 star but if they say there is problems i try and work it out with them by possibly a revision even though i know their review is probably sub par and they can’t change it but i just won’t rate them with buyer feedback but now i’m thinking that the negative feedback is just going to get posted regardless if i rate them back?

After reviewing this it looks like i haven’t been in contact with this gentleman and never received a notification in regards to ‘this buyer has left a feedback’ otherwise i would have gotten in touch with makes me think he wrote the review and it automatically got posted before giving me a chance to rectify anything or get in contact.

Yes! If you don’t post a review, the buyer’s review will get displayed on your profile/gig 10 days after order completion. However, if you were to post a review within 10 days of order completion, the buyer’s review would be revealed immediately.

It has been this way ever since Fiverr implemented the blind review system (almost a month now). There are literally hundreds of threads on this topic. You might want to check out a few (in case you have missed them) :slight_smile:

There is a new, updated blind review system that’s coming out really soon! You might be interested in reading this thread about this new update:

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