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Question about the buyers' requests

Hi everyone, this is the first time I am actually starting a new topic but I found something interesting I would like to share with you.

I am offering gigs for translating English and German texts for a few months now. I did check the buyers’ requests and none of them were actually asking for services I could provide. Some were about translations but not in German, for example, or the buyers’ requests plainly consisted of sellers offering their services.

My prices start at $5. Lately, I have received a couple of requests for book translations with up to 150.000 words and because these prices and ranges are not covered in my normal translation gig (the prices there go up to $25) I decided to create an extra gig just for book translations, with the starting price obviously much higher. So technically it’s the same gig but one is for short texts and one is for longer texts.
I did use the same keywords as I did for my normal gig, only added “book translation” instead of just “translation” but in both I added “German” and “English”.

I’ve created the new gig yesterday and checked out the buyers’ requests today and would you look at that, there are requests dating back till 12th of August asking for translations. Some of them up to 200,000 words, others just 800 words but all of them were to be translated from English to German or the other way around.

What I am wondering now: Why do I not see the buyers’ requests with my old gig but then I do see them with the new gig that basically offers the exact same thing just “in bigger” numbers? If the buyers would have explicitely looked for book translations, then fair enough! But there were requests for 80 to 900 words as well that weren’t shown to me.


I think it is based on keywords - so the words you used before didn’t match and your newer gig does. All of these Fiverr systems are shrouded in a little bit of mystery too.

But I used the exact same keywords in both gigs, just changed “translation” into “book translation” as one of them. Does that mean if I just use “trans” as one of my keywords, I’m gonna get to see even more requests that fit just perfectly to my offers? :roll_eyes:

I think that ‘book’ opens up a lot of doors in the searches. ‘Trans’ has a whole other meaning in the UK and I don’t think there will be many requests for that on Fiverr.