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Question about Titles

Happy Weekend!

I have noticed that Fiverr seems to capitalize for you when you may not want it and I’m wondering if there is a way around this. For example, on one of my gig extras I wrote it “write X number additional words…” but when I save it, the word is automatically changed to Write. Since the extra starts out with “I will” which Fiverr puts in for me also, it comes out “I will Write X number additional…” which looks amateurish to me.

The easy fix I can think of is to word everything like a true title and capitalize all my major words as in “Write 100 Additional Words…” but then Fiverr’s “I will” has will in lowercase which also looks terrible. Maybe I’m having a brain fart and there is an easy way around this. Ideas?


Yes, Fiverr’s programming does just what you’re describing, so even though it’s not what you want, at least everyone’s gig extras suffer the same fate! :wink:

I never bothered to capitalize the other words, as a formal title. It’s a small annoyance to me, but I agree with you: doesn’t quite look right.

Reply to @celticmoon: Thanks for confirming. I hoped maybe it was just me, although I’m kind of glad it wasn’t just me. :smiley: It is just a small annoyance and I’ll try not to let it bother me. It really doesn’t on some of my gigs but on the writing and proofreading ones I hope the buyer realizes I didn’t do that on purpose! Heh.