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Question About Upcoming Payments and Express Delivery


Hey following am new and have sold the last days 7 Orders. All would be devlivered in a view minutes to max 6 hours. By the first sale i got the Express to my GIG. By the last order i have finished it in 6 Hours and my Express Button is gone. Thats normal?

Second. 3 People dont have ratet my Gigs. How long must i wait that the money goes to Awaiting Clearance?

  1. If you set the time to completed is just 1 day. And when the first gig completed, the Express label will show. If you DONT change the time to completed and all gigs devlivered on time. The express label is still show, if NOT… please contact fiverr customer support.

  2. People rate or not to your gigs, you still must be waited 14 days to available for withdrawal :slight_smile:


Doesn’t matter how fast you get your gig delivered, you must wait 14 days or so for Fiverr clearing period.

Add your rant here… xD

The Ranting Pot » Higher Level Sellers should be able to withdraw their earnings in under 2 weeks.


I agree with @ominous


Yes a lot of people dont rate some gigs. You can offer them something as extra to gain rates. And yes you have to wait 14 days for the payment to be available for withdrawal.