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Question About Vacation Mode

I have questions. When I’m in vacation mode:

  1. Can I be contacted in messages?
  2. Can customers I’ve delivered to leave feedback?
  3. Can I deliver orders?

    I just decided to go in vacation mode for 3 days. It’s unfortunate because I already have 8 orders. If I left it for 1 more day, I’m sure I would have the 10 required to advance to level 1. It’s just that I expect the next few days to be a little chaotic in my personal life. I just have 3 orders left in my queue. I want to make sure I have plenty of time to write quality articles for them, and start fresh in a few days.


    p.s. I love FIVERR :slight_smile:


As far as I know all that vacation mode does is to let buyers know that you will not be available until the date you can come back. Apart from that I believe all other features will work for you!

I hope this helped.

Ryan, Online Personal Trainer - SMastermind