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Question answered.


I just checked my “manage sales” page and I have no number under the “late” tab. That might be a good place to see if yours are being tallied.


hi, I just came across this article:
That should help

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Why do you even care, @dtongsports? It’s obviously not affecting your sales any. :slight_smile:

Regardless of how a person completes their tasks, there has to be some accountability to the deadline. I personally think anything delivered after the actual deadline should be considered late. I think the grace period is ridiculous. It only serves to complicate things, and I’d assume the only reason it exists is so that sellers can set their time shorter to encourage more sales, even when they know it typically takes longer.

Then again, Fiverr also wants sellers to sell base gigs for more than $5, so why bother with any rules at all? :slight_smile:


Question answered.


Question answered.


Reply to @madmoo: I’m in a mood, so I’ll suggest that it’s because he’s wanting an excuse to point out how well he handles his orders. Sales are a bit slow, so write a quick promo about excellent communication and thoroughness. :wink:

And as @kissreviews mentions, if there’s nothing listed under “late” in the dashboard, then nothing ‘counted’ as “late”. Of course, that’s assuming that the dashboard is working correctly. Oh why do I bother?!? That’s right, because I’m in a mood.


Question answered.


Question answered.


Question answered.


Reply to @dtongsports: It wasn’t an attack, it was an observation and opinion. You didn’t get all defensive about @madmoo’s observation. :stuck_out_tongue: