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Question by tipping

Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:
Help me please. I got a tip. But there are none in the account. The money for the executed order is. I can get them today.
But I do not see there the tip. What did I do wrong? Maybe you need to press any buttons?

Thank you

HI. did you check your revenue page? It will show you when you will receive the amount you have earned. also you need to be sure that you have received tip from your buyer.

Yes. Buyer leave a tip at once. Payment for the executed order is already in my account. But there is no tipping.
Tips are displayed on the page of the income?
6,16 - This is a fee for the basic package and additional services. Tipping is not visible.




@tanyapligina the tip is in the revenue screenshot as $4. The total earned of the value is $24 ( $20 is the first revenue item and the tip is the 2nd as $4)

If you click on view order, you will see - it is actually the same order.

$20 is a basic package + $4 extra service + $4 tip. This $28.
I have a balance of $24. Tipping lost somewhere. :slight_smile:

In your screenshots you are showing an order that completed on Sept 15 for $30, $24 after commission. That part is as you stated above. The tip screen shot says Sept 22. I don’t know if it is the same buyer or not, it could be, buyers are allowed to come back and tip later. Either way, though, that $24 would have cleared on a totally different date than the $4 tip you show in those shots. I can’t really tell anything else from this - it hurts my brain. :slight_smile:

You can always contact Customer Service to check, but usually when you add everything up total it comes out right. I’m not saying there is no way to have a mistake, but it is very, very rare on payments. Tips are always processed separate from orders.

if 20$ is the basic package then you will get 16$ by deducting the commission of 20% and the 16$ basic+4$extra service+ 4$ tip= 24$ thats all :slight_smile: check the revenue functions carefully you will understand

Thank you all :slight_smile: