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QUESTION: Can I post the same gig in multiple categories, and will it help? Is it against the rules?

The gig I am offering right now is truly epic, and I feel like I should be making an insane amount of sales right now, but I’ve only sold a handful of gigs. Does it help to re-post my gig in a different category or subcategory? Is it against the rules? Any help is appreciated. Thank you so much!!!

No you can not create same gigs in multiple categories.

One of them will be deleted, even if vaguely similar. I had 2 gigs

2 x 500 words
1 x 250 words

The second one got removed as it was too similar to the first, different categories too.

Your gig is not making a lot of sales because there are other sellers offering the same as you, and a lot of them.

Hello there and I truly wish you luck!

#1 You have to create many gigs to bring potential buyers to your portal. Having 1 gig limits you.

#2 I would create a crazy video of you actually doing what you said you’ll do, that’ll truly make it epic!

#3 You have to be patient and you must try to promote your gigs via social media etc.

Good luck!

Thanks for the help everyone! I don’t see anyone else offering Fake Caller ID services, though.

Lol fake caller ID services, what a prank that would be, best wishes.


Reply to @thecreativeguys: 1 gig may limit some sellers and in most cases I agree that multiple gigs is helpful. However, as to what the OP says, duplicating the same gig with no or barely any variance is not a good idea. Gigs should be different enough from each other to make sense and not appear to be exploiting the system.

I guess that should not be a problem. I will try this and let you know.

You can’t have duplicate gigs. If you change it around somehow you could try it.

You can’t have duplicate gigs - they must be modified in some way to be different.