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Question; Can I recruit my affiliate marketers from Fiverr?

I am starting a new service online for my company.
Our aim for this affiliate program is to eventually have a network of services with this affiliate program.
Would it be possible to recruit for prospective affiliate marketers on Fiverr ?
Request a Gig to find and recruit them?

Please only serious post and inquiries!

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You would want them to pay to be recruited? How would you stay in touch with them?

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Hello, and thank you for your quick reply!
Yes they would be paid by Performance on a very lucrative scale based on their sales.
Those marketers and their metrics will be tracked and that data will be accessible on a secure server for their private access anytime for viewing.

Anything else I can clarify for you Fonhaunt, Sir ?

If you make a gig, they’d be paying YOU, so this makes no sense. You can’t give then outside contact info, like server logins. I don’t see how this would work on Fiverr, Ma’am.


I would create a gig in the normal fashion meaning that I would be “hiring for their services” from Fiverr.
And I could send them the necessary information they would need to join my affiliate program/network.

I may have use the wrong terminology I would post a gig requesting their services.
Is this possible with the new Fiverr Team service?


You can solicit someone to provide a service for you through Fiver. You will need to pay them through Fiverr and not communicate outside of Fiverr. You also will not be able to move your future transactions with them away from Fiver.
Fiverr has provided you the connection with potential providers and you are bound by the Fiverr TOS. You will not be able to use it as a lead generator to connect with providers and then work with them outside of Fiverr.

Your affiliate program would have to communicate and delivery all information through Fiverr. You will also have to pay through Fiverr.

You may be able to get indirect prospects here on the Forum. I probably would do it like you did it today and not directly ask for prospects and not give a link. Maybe people will private message you.

You did say above that you only wanted serious inquiries. :slight_smile:


Hey Landongrace,

Thank you for your serious inquiry!
I am fine with doing all here on Fiverr and or through Fiverr. You mentioned posting a link here in the forum in hopes to get new sign-up affiliate marketers. Would Fiverr delete the link?
My aim would be the utilize the New Fiverr Team Account and to provide an external access from Fiverr as well.

Looking forward to your reply,


The Team Account feature is new and may not stay, but in the meantime it’s only used for purchasing services ON Fiverr. It just allows multiple people to share a balance.

You would not be able to provide external access from Fiverr, that’s against the Terms of Service. If you provide a link on the forum hoping to sign up affiliate marketers that violated the Terms of Service and the forum rules, and since you already on notice you might have your forum account restricted.

Sorry, Fiverr is for internal transactions only and there aren’t any loopholes to allow for that.

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I will create Gigs for marketing my services on Fiverr,

I am not interested in working outside of Fiverr. I was merely answering your question and recognizing the fact that your original post was fishing for leads. Fiverr will ban anyone for not following the rules and they won’t give you an opportunity to have dialog to defend yourself. They may only give you 2 warnings and the first warning is when you check the box saying that you have read the TOS. Fiverr has been an incredible source of income for me.


No you miss understood me, I was not making an offer to anyone.

Oh how dare you make recruiting offers to people?

You shall be shackled, skinned and memed…

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The short answer is no.

The nature of affiliate marketing is that the affiliates work selling your service or product and get a commission. There is no way to pay them the commission on fiverr and you cannot go outside of fiverr to contact them.

You can’t make this work by doing an affiliate marketing program on fiverr as there needs to be a separate website they can log into.
There needs to be direct contact.

Maybe what you are looking for isn´t creating a gig but posting a Buyer Request?
Have a look at this here to see if it might help with your purpose:

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