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Question for buyers: What offers do you really respond to?

Hello everyone,

Thanks for reading this.

I have recently started selling on Fiverr. What I like about Fiverr, compared to other freelancing platforms, is that it’s Interface is very user-friendly. However, I am having a hard time selling effectively here.

Due to a lot of competition (especially in the service category I am offering), new sellers have very little chance of getting contacted directly by a buyer or getting an order on their gigs. Well what we all know is that this is where the Buyer Requests Section comes in.

So, I started responding to buyer requests and submitting offers. I do know that a templated response or a generic one wouldn’t obviously do me any good and I wrote my offers from scratch and as per the tips provided here on fiverr forum. What I got in return was an increase in impressions, clicks and views on my gigs - But I didn’t get a single response. As mentioned above, I had searched the forum for tips about how to write a good response and tried a lot of things mentioned in different posts.I also even tried sending actual work (I was responding to logo design requests and included designs via google drive link) with the offers, which I hoped would atleast get me a response from the buyers let alone the orders but I didn’t get a single message.

I have completed 3 orders successfully. I got two directly on my gig and one buyer contacted me regarding an order. None of them were from the buyer request responses I had sent.

Responding to buyer requests is very effective for new sellers - I am not saying I didn’t get anything from doing so because I saw a drastic increase in gig impressions after I had submitted the responses. But I am wondering that would be more effective than sending actual work with the buyer requests (I understand the work was rushed and I did mention in the requests that buyer should consider it as an initial draft and we can work on it for as long as it may be required) I sometimes also offered to work for free telling the buyers that they would only have to pay if they liked the work. But I am not having any luck

So I wanted to know that how exactly do buyers decide about proceeding with a seller when they receive a lot of responses to their requests. What do they see OR look for in a request. What are buyers mostly concerned about sellers in regards to the responses they get?

Sorry about the long post, I feel that I should be explaining everything clearly so I could a get a response from you guys in the same way as I have writing this one - I have seen many posts regarding the buyer requests yet finding no satisfactory solution to this issue so I wanted to communicate more clearly.

Thank you very much!


Hi ambleonline,

I can see this is an old post but you are currently working on a project for me and your question directly applies to why I selected you out of all the others that are providing similar services. I spent several hours looking at seller’s profiles. As I began to narrow down my choices, it all came down to the samples they provided on their displayed ad.

I can say this only in retrospect because now I have taken the time to analyze why I chose you out of the final 4. Realize that this is all subjective, but what appealed to me was your profile opening logo for ‘Heroes Without Capes’. Your picture had a red background, which stands out from the others and it was full screen where others opted to show either numerous smaller logos or a bit more cluttered work.

Your logos incorporated the name of the company into the actual logo and I really like that…again subjective. Then as I looked at your samples, there is real creativity there in how you show a firm grasp of visual art reflecting language. The art would not be the same without the words and vice versa. I’m not sure if that makes sense but when I saw that, it very much appealed to me and I decided right then that is the style of logo I wanted to represent my business.

It won’t appeal to everyone of course and lots of customers just glance through the hundreds of sellers. So, I think that very first profile artwork is most critical. Yours stands out and that got me to look further. Without that, I doubt the description would have caused me to look at yours because they are all the same (they kind of have to be).

So to sum up:

  1. Profile picture needs to stand out
  2. Numerous examples of your product were what pushed me over the decision line
  3. Your price is very reasonable. Not so expensive that I ignored it and not so cheap that I would not take you seriously.

Well, I hope this helps


Also, you offered to come up with a company name and a logo to go along with it. I needed both.


Hi mstandifer

Thank you VERY much for your detailed response
It’s really insightful and helpful in understanding what exactly a seller should be working on if they want to stand out in the crowd

And it is also great to know how exactly buyers evaluate different options and then choose a seller to go with

I’m sure this will be really helpful for the sellers currently working on Fiverr as well as the ones who recently joined and want to get their talents noticed.

Thank you so much for taking your time and sharing this information with us.

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