Question for Content Writers (I have asked this question before)


What’s your daily average word count? I used to do 8,000-9,000 words/day for most of my writing career, but that has dropped to 5,000 - 5,500 words/day, because of exhaustion, non-stop work and various distractions, I suppose. So what’s your average daily word count?


I don’t think that word count is the right metric to gauge how much work goes into a piece.


True, everybody has their own way of working, but this is just to get a general idea. [I can tell you while I do fewer articles/day than before, the quality of my work has improved. So maybe my style has changed. Maybe it’s time I increased my prices, but I worry about losing my regular clients.]


Don’t worry, raise your prices and send your clients a message saying you’ll still offer your services to them at the old rate but they can pay you by the new rates if they want to.

That’s what I do ;3


Never been a fan of the average word count stuff. If I were writing my novel, I’d be. My word count depends on how much job I have and how quickly I understand what is needed of me for each one. It also depends on other external factors like power. If I had a constant power supply, I’d cover more ground daily. But I don’t. So, I work when there is power, except for times where I have to get something done soonest. At times like that, I run my personal power generator and work with that. It’s all about minimizing power costs and capital.


Nope. Tell them you have changed your rates but you’ll be willing to make concessions for them for a while (i.e through discounts). You can (should?) apologize for any inconvenience it might cause them. They’ll get used to it. Besides, the beauty of price increases is that those who leave will reduce your work, while those who remain will pay more for the quality you provide. Don’t forget the new customers, too. It always evens out. Most times, you always end up with more revenue and less work.