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Question for Content Writers

How many words do you write on an average per day? My average is between 8000 to 9000. Sometimes it can go up to 10,000. Am I working too hard or is it the average in our profession?

But I guess it’s okay, I love my work and really have nothing else to do.

On Fiverr, I can only commit to writing 3000 words per day. For me, that’s $40 after commission for 10 x basic gigs. I would like to do more on Fiverr however, I usually get 1-2 orders per day from elsewhere where my pricing starts at $15 for 300 words and I haven’t found a way to make Fiverr more profitable for me yet.

I am dabbling with the idea of charging resellers more than my standard $5 per order. The only problem is, I’m too afraid of losing my regulars.

As for whether you are working too hard, that depends on your own situation. $40 a day is my break even point. This covers my rent, living expenses, beer in the evening and the odd holiday. Everything else for me is extra. However, even though I live very well this is only because I have savings from my old career and because since starting freelancing I’ve relocated to Malta which has a dramatically lower cost of living than the UK and mainland Europe.

All that said, I am thinking of moving to Cyprus either later this year and if so, I’ll probably see my break even point rise to $60 per day.

I probably read the equivalent of a book a day and can write up to 20000 a day. Although maybe half of that is “not work” writing. Basically, I am the pasty recluse hunched over a keyboard indoors stereotype :slight_smile:

My main issue is burning out more than anything, and too many fussy clients can really make my creativity disappear and then the writing becomes tortuously slow and uninspired. When I have a bunch of deadlines this can really create issues…I try to take the weekend off without fail to at least recharge my “ugh, work” batteries.

I would suggest that you do put your price up but also tell your regulars that you will continue to work at the lower price for them. I have found that this approach makes your buyers happier. I think it is fair enough to charge one-off buyers more than people who give you regular work.

20,000/day. Well Emma you are extreme as always, nobody, and I mean NOBODY, can compete with you at ANYTHING. LOL.

Yeah, you’ve got a very good thing going here.

lol. I am counting the mindless bollocks I write on various forums into this word count, and that’s not really work is it?

20000 and 8000 words per day are lots of work. Dont you guys get tired?

My guess is, of course they get tired (I mean, they are humans too, not robots), but it is their passion and they make good money. So for them it´s all worth it.

8000 and 20000 words…and here I am above the sky in doing 1000!!! ugghh… hats off