Question for Fiverr - May I partner w/fiverr teams to co-promote projects and innovative mktg blogs?


Hi, fiverrs. I am a buyer who is launching a campaign for a people-powered comedy series in the public domain that allows regular folks to share ideas and information about sustainable living, conservation, and self-reliance. The foundation of my project is that there is not a one-size-fits-all answer to our problems, and that there are different versions and approaches to just about everything – and that’s a GOOD thing. I also hope to illustrate how collaboration and entertainment can bring people together to create much more impressive results than they can achieve alone.

As a means of testing my assumption, I would like to hire five fiverr-powered teams to help me attract players to a positive alternatives dimension where we can test-drive change. There would be positive cross-promotional and symbiotic collaboration between myself and the five fiverr teams, with financial bonuses available in mid-January if our campaign is successful. I cannot find any examples of this type of fiverr showcase occurring previously. That said, I really want to DO this, and hope it is permissible within fiverr’s terms!

Fiverr, please check out the basics of my proposal here: Fragglesrocked. , and let me know if I can proceed to hire the teams. I am anxious to get started immediately, and hope fiverr pros can help me jump-starts the process.

Thanks for you time and consideration of my sincere request.

Diana Wilson



Thank you for the follow-up. I’ll have to think about how to set it up, but it is an intriguing notion. Fiverrs are awesome!

Best wishes, D.


As you described the process, it MIGHT be possible. But you would need to send those “bonus payments” to the participants on and as such Fiverr would be entitled to 20%.