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Question for Fiverr Sellers Please Answer

Okay first off thank you for taking the time to read this , I have recently starting doing some research on the best method to receive your Fiverr Funds from Sales. (Like cashing out) I have a Pretty decent amount of money about to be cleared (a little over $100 dollars) And I want to know what is the best method to receive my money , by me asking what’s the best method I mean which way takes less money from me!

Which of the following is the best way to withdraw your Fiverr Earnings :

Fiverr Card
Direct Deposit

Can you please tell me which one takes the least amount of fees , and which one you think is the best method to use!

Thank you in advance

  • Deaven Miller-

Paypal takes a dollar each time you withdraw money and the others take more. Paypal is extremely fast and reliable too. I recommend it.

For the reasons misscrystal pointed out, I would suggest paypal, too. Direct deposit charges $3 for each withdraw and I’m sure it takes a lot more time to finally reach your bank account, too.

Thank you misscrystal you always Help me out and Provide amazing Information I highly appreciated it! Have an amazing day!

Thank you very much for you Amazing Information and thank you for taking the time to respond to my question :slight_smile: Have an Amazing day!

But doesn’t Paypal also charge you money to transfer from your Paypal account into you regular bank account. And doesn’t Paypal charge you if you reveive money from outside the EU?