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Question for former TRS

If you used to be a Top Rated Seller and were demoted, I’d like to ask something: Have you, or anyone you know, gotten your TRS status back after being demoted? I can’t seem to find one seller who’s done that.


I am neither a TRS nor will probably ever be one (gotta love the confidence, am I right? :wink: ), but here’s something you might be interested in:


So it’s not impossible! I kept my numbers at 100% for at least 9 months but I kept getting the “we’ve decided you’re staying at level 2 for the time being” email. I’ll keep on trying!

Apparently, only a very small fraction of people who keep getting this message (people who’ve met all the requirements for being nominated as a TRS) actually end up getting the TRS badge.

That’s the spirit! Keep at it. Good luck! I hope that you get it. :+1:t2:


The whole system is messed up. Every refund I give, lowers my order completion rate by 1%. Every order that gets completed, doesn’t increase my order completion rate by 1%.

This doesn’t make sense to me, same goes for people with perfect stats who are never promoted to TRS.

Whatever, at this point I’m not paying attention to the level. Just be ready to pause gigs when you get demoted.

And block any buyer that demands a refund so they can never order from you again!

It’s not what I want to do, but it’s what Fiverr forces me to do thanks to their rules.


I do know that the lady who made $1,000,000 on fiverr doing resumes was demoted from TRS for a few months and then made one again. So it does happen.


It is very easy to get demoted but it is very hard to regain the TRS badge. If you will get away from Fiverr for few days, it will cause you to loss the badge. Then you have to work hard for months to regain the badge. I think the Fiverr needed to reduce the numbers of the Top Rated Sellers this year. So actually more than 50% of them have been already demoted now. So I hope, in the next year, the Fiverr will select more Top Rated Sellers. But the contest is very competitive and it isn’t easy to get back the TRS badge as it was in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 years. Anyway the hard work will definitely pay off in someday. And the TRS badge will be granted in a moment that you aren’t further thinking about the badge or the level but just thinking about satisfying the buyers and having a lot of orders

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I have a somewhat darker theory - as a TRS, you can withdraw funds after 7 days. As a level 2, it goes up to 14 days. Imagine the interest you can earn with all those sellers who have the clientele but have recently been demoted.

My other inclination is that they plan on doing away with levels in order to drive buyers to Fiverr Pro.

Maybe I’m wrong and have too vivid of an imagination. Or not!

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Ok, good, so it’s not like seeing a Sasquatch! :smiley:

I too was demoted in the September because of the Order Completion Rate dropped to 89%. When I slept it was 90%, but in the morning it had dropped to 89% and unfortunately at the evaluation time it was 89%. All the other ratings were at 100%. If your Response Rate, Delivery in Time and Order Completion Rate was at 90%, you are remaining as TRS. But if one of those rates dropped to 89%, while all the other ratings are at 100%, you are demoted. This seems to be a game. The people who work at the Fiverr as playing a game, protect their TRS level while the people try to their best, easily demoted.

We aren’t disappointed, if were demoted manually. But an automatic system demoted us while we were selected manually 6 years ago by the Fiverr editors. Anyway we hope that everything will become fair in the next few months.


Ugh, I feel your pain. I started on fiverr in 2010 and I was also selected to be a Super Seller! Guess they took that away too. Now due to that automation, I’m a level 2 and despite great numbers, I can’t seem to get my TRS back. And my sales are less than half of what they were last year at this time! Oh well. Must adapt.


Hello @chrishardy I just looked at your profile and gigs. You have been here eight years without one negative review. That’s an amazing accomplishment. I would make you a TRS if I could. You seem to have all the qualifications to me.


Thank you MissCrystal! :smile: I wish the decision-makers at fiverr would remember what the letters TRS stand for.

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I have been a TRS through all of it. When the changes came, I had to stop aggressively taking orders because I would struggle to keep the stats where they needed to be. So, I remained TRS and my sales dropped in half. I also had to move toward more $5-$25 orders and less $100.00+ orders. This helped me keep a high number of monthly orders so problems wouldn’t easily arise from one customer.

The short, Don’t feel like your orders dropped because you are not a TRS.

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