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Question for Indians

Just want to know what’s a respectable salary in an India. I am not talking about salaries of people in IITs/IIMs - but for the average person - say, someone with an engineering degree from a regional college and working at an IT company, 10 -15 years experience. And mention in Rupees please, not in dollars :slight_smile: How much does an average middle class/ upper middle-class person make in our country?

(I really don’t know, because I have been out of touch with what’s happening in the rest of the country and don’t have too many contacts/friends, also the information on the internet is not consistent, so this is an honest question).

Wouldn’t this vary from region to region? I mean I don’t know anything about this so I am nosy and interested, too.

Yeah, I live in Bangalore, which is one of the most expensive cities, next only to Mumbai and Delhi…I am sure smaller cities and towns are are less expensive and lower salaries.

Thing is, I don’t know what I make from freelancing is an average salary/good salary/great salary…because I really don’t know how it’s like in India. When I read newspapers, they go on and on about how IIT//IIM grads were signed up by a big company for $100k and then you have stories of how tens of thousands of people applies for a government peon’s position…so what about the average person? There’s so much conflicting information!

Sorry about the typos…really busy…