Question for Millennials


I am out of touch with today’s youth culture, but is this: " :+1::+1: " a polite/sneaky way of saying an expletive? Got this response when I said “no” to a request by a couple of early 20s types…


Personally, I do not like it. Although my feeling towards it depends on the circumstance. Most times it just doesn’t feel right.


I’m technically a millenial (late 20s). I have to say I’m not 100% sure. But if it were me, I would just interpret that as “okay”.
I don’t use emoji things myself, so I can’t be certain.


Amm, I’m 22 and no, two likes doesn’t really mean that. :smiley: My response would be Ok or Okay, while two likes would be if you answer with better response than I expected. :smiley:



It’s just the “lazy” way of saying “OK, dude got it!” nothing more or less. :smiley: