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Question for my first gig sale


Hi all. Finally, I have made my first sale. I already finished it and ready to deliver, but how would a buyer pay me here on fiverr? What are the necessary steps as a seller? My gigs cost 5 dollars but he would pay me 9 Euro all in all. How would he do that? And, how to make some gig extras that are not 5 dollars in price? Quite a newbie. TIA for any advice.


Hi !

Once the order is delivered and marked complete the money will be available to withdraw on Fiverr in 14 days (longer if the gig auto completes)

Congrats on your first sale!




Reply to @ozzieuk: Hi Oz,

Thanks for your prompt reply. Just for clarification, my bad when I said it first sale, because first sale means that the fee is already in my accout. The thing is he requested, and I contacted the buyer that I will do it, he accepted and provided me the details (note that he did not order my gig yet because it has 0 in queue order), now I have already finished it and ready to deliver. Is it safe to give the output to the buyer without ordering my gig first? Another thing, the buyer would be paying 9€, my gig that I send to the buyer at first contact is 5 dollars, so if he orders on it, only 5 dollars would be credited to me? That is why I asked about how to make gig extras that are not 5 dollars. :slight_smile: Still familiarizing how fiverr works. :slight_smile: TIA


Reply to @rashdee:


I would suggest you do not deliver the work without buyer purchasing your gig first. When he purchases a gig, you will get 4$ in your account which you can withdraw after 14 days.

rashdee said: That is why I asked about how to make gig extras that are not 5 dollars.

To be able to make gig extras, you need to be level 1 seller. Currently your buyer has to order the gig twice if you need multiple payment from him.

Hope this clears your doubts.



You have made a few mistakes here.

  1. You should not do ANY work without a gig being ordered.
  2. Why are you charging 9 euros? You should only be charging what can be charged on fiverr e.g $5

    Basically, unless he paid you externally without using fiverr (which is not allowed) then you will not have any way of receiving 9 euros. He must order a $5 gig, and then you deliver it and get your $5


Reply to @getvinay: hi vinay,

Thanks for the info, it is a great help to me :slight_smile:


Reply to @rossonomous: hi rossonomous,

I have to agree that you are right :slight_smile: I am not the one who is charging 9 euros, it is his offer and I completed all his instructions, so basically I will be credited 9 euros in total according to his offer. I guess, I just need to tell him first to buy my gig twice before I can deliver the output to him, if he will not do that then all I can say is “charge it to experience” Thanks for pointing out my mistake :slight_smile:


Reply to @rashdee: Yeah you pretty much got it. Although do remember that 2 gigs will only be $8 (Fiverr take a 20% of every GIG sale you make) which will equate to a bit less than 9 euros.

But you are indeed correct, take it as experience and a stepping stone :slight_smile: