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Question For People Who Offer Writing Gigs


I’ve been on fiverr for about a month and a half with a lot of success writing reviews. I also offer other writing gigs (blog posts, website content, freelance articles, etc). Currently the length for those gigs is 350 words or 3 paragraphs. I feel like that’s a fair length for $5.00 but have had zero success with those gigs. What length of articles do you offer? And what length do you find is most successful and time-efficient? I could write a 1000 word article, but feel that Express 350 word articles are more efficient and pay-appropriate. Plus, I feel I offer a quality of writing that does not need excessive length to make up for to price. What am I missing? I’ve tried using key words, advertising, etc- but with no luck. Buyers just aren’t interested in my freelance writing. Any help?


My blogs are 300 words +5 for 500 words; however, it has more to do with your promotion. Initially, I created one gig to write and received no hits for like 2+ weeks. Then, I hit gold when I began using keyword research and developing gigs around the keywords. It also has to do with how you promote that gig. Is it show worthy?

If you were flipping through a magazine, what would catch your eye and make you take a second look? Has nothing to do with the writing, and everything to do with the promotion.


350 to 400 words is no doubt a fair deal if the quality is really good, the clients will keep coming back. They can’s expect good things at cheap rate, isn’t it?

Yes, there is a bit of promotion that actually works. Do one thing, just create a free blog and try writing sample reviews. But just mention the fiverr link of your gig there to encourage or drive the blog readers for hiring you on Fiverr.

Probably that will work.


Add video to your gigs. Video’s that talk about your service. It would really help!


Thank you for the tips! I really appreciate your input, guys and will certainly take it all into consideration. I will work on the promotion techniques you mentioned. Unfortunately, I have dial-up internet so I cannot upload a video (curse remote cabin inconveniences)- but I will remember that in the future (when hopefully I get faster internet). Thanks again everyone!