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Question for sellers and frequent buyers

Votes are anonymous and I’m just curious to see how often this happens. Thanks.

  • I have given random seller a tip of $5 or more without buying
  • I have given one of my regular sellers a tip of $5 or more without buying a gig
  • I’ve only tipped at delivery for exceptional work
  • I don’t believe in tips (or not sure what it)

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Question for sellers. Again, anonymous.

  • I have received a tip from a random buyer for no reason
  • I’ve received tip from regular buyers for no reason (or without buying gig)
  • I’ve only received tip after delivery.
  • I get tips but I feel guilty as I charge appropriate amount for my gigs
  • Still waiting to get my first tip.

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Why would anyone tip for nothing? That makes no sense.

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Some sellers have tip gig.

I gave it to someone that I knew for a fact did charity work because I knew he’d use it to take care of people in his town.


I checked that I have received a tip from regular buyers for no reason but the poll isn’t showing my vote for some reason.

I think I get tips this way when the spells manifest so I guess there is a reason but it’s not at the time of delivery.

Weird, it should work. Maybe try again?

I can see that happening. I’m actually surprised you don’t have a gratuity gig.

I have a gratuity gig but it’s paused unless someone messages me about leaving a tip.


“I get tips but I feel guilty as I charge appropriate amount for my gigs”

Good point. It happened a few times - I quote a reasonable price…task turns out to be too easy…I feel guilty… and then, the Buyer gives a tip! :joy:


It says 7 voters but 9 total votes so not sure what’s going on with the bottom poll.

For the second poll you can leave multiple votes it’s using checkboxes.


You can vote for more than one thing - so more votes than voters! :grinning:

Sorry @uxreview - you beat me to it!

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I voted for

  • I’ve only received tip after delivery.
  • I get tips but I feel guilty as I charge appropriate amount for my gigs

I get tips only after order delivery and sometimes I do feel guilty :smiley:

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Yeah. One of those extra votes is mine :grin:


Missing an

☐ I’ve tipped my buyer, kinda.

option. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have never received a random tip (I don’t have a gratuity gig though)

I have tipped a random person I found on Fiverr. I loved his work and I really wanted to support him.


I think that is super nice, especially for new sellers. Great way to motivate them. :slight_smile:


Is it possible for a buyer to directly leave a tip without buying any gig?


I have done so, several times.

You have a tip gig, then I buy, you deliver a “Thank you” message, I accept delivery and rate.

If you do not have a tip gig, I can buy any gig, and tell you that it’s for a previous excellent work and no delivery is required. To close it out, you send a “Thank you” message - most send a picture, gif file or such, I accept delivery and close it out.

Long as you, the seller, deliver what I ask & 5r gets 20%, it is within ToS.

I’ve yet to have a seller report me for giving them a tip without ordering a gig. :slight_smile:


That’s good. A buyer can leave a tip on a completed order whenever he/she wants within a specified duration. However, I think it’s another tactic to increase the no. of reviews on a seller’s profile because getting a tip on a regular gig does not accompany a review.
Anyways, thanks for sharing info.

Isn’t that an awesome feeling, though? You know that client is easy to work with & the next time they order you may want to give them a little extra - which would probably end up getting you more tip. :slight_smile::slight_smile:

Round and round you go - however, it’s a problem I’ve yet to read a complaint on. :grinning:

Didn’t think of that! Generally speaking, when you give your buyer more than ordered, that is a good tip!! :smile::smiley::blush: