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Question for sellers and frequent buyers


Yup! Sometimes, I actually offer them a discount in their “next order”. As I write this - issued someone an offer with $25 discount, simply because her previous order for troubleshooting turned to be one-minute tweak instead of programming gig.

That might sound a bit extreme and puritan. But I think fairness should go both ways. I have always been “don’t take an inch, don’t give an inch”. All my clients know what would happen when they ask for some little extra free work. :smirk:


“Tip gigs” started back in the day when Fiverr didn’t have a “Tip this Seller” option as orders are completed/rated.

While a few newer sellers have added them, most are there because it provided a way for sellers to have buyers notice they could tip them.

Few of these older sellers have removed the gigs (they don’t hurt anything), but now a buyer can tip you on any gig easily, so they are simply redundant.

If I had put up one X years ago, I’d leave it too…