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Question for sellers (Option missing)


In my logo gigs In start price I offer only Vector file, Logo transparency and High resolution. When I finish my work and go to upload image, I have only option “Upload image” not Vector file. Why?

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Maybe it’s just the wording. An image can still be vector based. It should let you upload multiple files when delivering orders.


I will try next time. Thanks


You have to upload transparent files where it says “Upload Image” because it will then showcase in your gig portfolio if buyers wants and you have to upload vector file where it says “Source File” because that vector is the source file.


Yes, but I don’t see that “Source/Vector file” option. Only I can see Upload image.


You can also zip (compress) the file in one folder and upload all of the files once.


Then I think, uploading source files is not available in your gig category I think or if you want to clarify, you can contact customer support.
Click on this link to raise a ticket.
or you can also mail them on

Sometimes, buyers do not know how to open the zip files and I have seen some cases that they contacted customer support and it then, unfortunately, affects sellers.


I work on fiverr since 2012 and I had just few issues with buyers unable to unzip a compressed folder.
I don’t get it why should a buyer get in trouble for delivering a zip folder!?



Thank you for your advice. I know how to contact support team, I use fiverr support before for other problems/questions. But I thinking, I will get faster answer on forum.


Well some buyers have bad temper and they just do things.


Is this your 2nd account?


Yes, But before I create this one, I deactivate my old. Why?


Because I remember you and I have seen you earlier. I don’t know why you deactivated your old one and if it was actually deactivated or banned.


How you know me? My username on old account was “skawzy” . I deactivate my account because I couldn’t change my username. I ask support team for that, and they tell me that I must create new, but before do that, I must deactivate my old or my both accounts will be suspended.


I am not sure now that If I remember you or not. lol… I said because there is a person picture in one of your gigs and i am thinking like I have seen him here on this forum, exactly same.


Person picture? You meen on my profile picture? I have this letter “S” on my fiverr profile. Before this one, I use my face picture :smiley: I forgot to replay your message again.



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Sorry I forgot on that image, omg. -.-

Yes, Now I can say you " You have good memory" :smiley: Yes on my profile I’m using that image.

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