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Question for Sellers: Request Modification vs Open Discussion


Recently I was working with a new seller on a project. She missed something on the spreadsheet, so I asked her to modify it.

Instead of rejecting it with the request modification, I opened up a discussion with her. She answered right away and within the hour, redelivered the file - which I like to add was done to perfection.

My thought was if she didn’t answer me within a day, I would do the request modification route. Her being new, I didn’t want her 1st experience to have a huge “Rejected” flashing across her screen, unless I had to.

It worked out well. It’s rare that I ask for modification, however, for future reference, is it better or easier for the seller, if I were to

– Request Mod or
– Open discussion/dialog without reject/mod?


You did the right thing. I hate it when buyers request modification even for the smallest thing.



I think for both experienced buyers like you Gina, and experienced sellers who would appreciate you not hitting the mod button, this is a better way.
For others I think it might be better to “request modification” as it keeps it all by the book, what is expected is clear to both parties and the order won’t autocomplete without the change being made.


I wish half the people who needed modifications were so considerate. That was really nice of you. I once had someone request a modification just to ask me if I could send them an offer for a completely different service. Another requested a modification because they couldn’t find the file after they saved it on their own computer.


Doesn’t really make a difference buuuut I dread the “We’ve got news about your order”. (We’ve found it. I’m so sorry)
So, yeah. That was nice of you.


I don’t really mind either way. I’m going to do exactly the same thing in both scenarios.


Open discussion all the way! I had a buyer who took 3 days into the order to answer my inquiries for more information. Had I cancelled, well, he would have had to go looking elsewhere, which is no fun, and I would have lost the sale and had a cancellation in the books.

He got back to me, we hammered out the details, and he agreed to give me a discussion.

Who knows what is going on with the person on the other end? I am for open communication with one caveat. If the person is not responding, and you need to move forward, message them with a deadline to respond telling them otherwise you will need to cancel.