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Question for Sellers

So I have this customer who wanted his assignment done, I completed it but he kept on submitting a modify because, it needed “this” or “that” this lasted 10 times to add in work needed and removing unnecessary words. All in all I had to write a free speech for him and a power point presentation altogether being 4000+ words for $15. When finally the buyer said “This is all wrong and is not what I ordered”. I spent a solid 5 hours trying to fix his work and I have submitted 3 tickets to Fiverr support, but they replied as “I will look into this” First time this happened what do I do now? Buyer still wont accept it, and I know how “the buyer is always right” but I feel like I’ve been “hard done by”.

The first rule of doing business online: the buyer is NOT always right.

The customer clearly wants you to cancel. He is taking you for a run. Unless he was paying at least 100$, you should not have continued to revise the work a total of 5 hours. I would cancel the order and count my losses. A buyer can reject and order over and over and over and over…I’ve had this happened to me, it was a pure joke because the buyer would note something totally irrelevant to be changed that was never mentioned. I canceled the order and got over it. It’s amazing how some buyers can be so cheap, either way you split it, people come to Fiverr for a deal, so no matter what, the buyer ALWAYS comes out with a deal…and sometimes even FREE with cases like this. I really do not understand how a buyer can receive work and still get a FULL refund, there should be some kind of customer service to take care of disputes like this so they may receive at most a partial refund. I do admit, when a buyer did this with me, it made me feel very discouraged because when i do something I would like to get paid for it, especially when been facilitated through a site that profits from my orders. I kinda expected them to help me out for some reason. Nonetheless I love fiverr, at the end of the day no site is perfect! I’d rather be WITH than WITHOUT them.