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Question for the prices

hello, pls 1 question i try to sell my service here ok? the question is: if i put for example for my service price: “100.00 €” then i see in publish area the price is: 85.00 € or something like this.
what is mean this?



Can you please carefully recheck the currency set in the “publish area”? It might be listed in a different currency to the one you set your gig price in. That might be the reason for this discrepancy. If this is not the case, then I am afraid I am as clueless as you.

in dashboard?

publish area?!

I was only quoting what you said in your original message. What did you mean by “publish area” in your original message? Only you can tell me this information because you were the one who used it first.

I presumed that it meant the gig listing on the website. Anyway, that doesn’t really matter.

Just compare the currencies (if it is AU$, CA$, $, £, €, etc) between those 2 locations where you see the two different prices mentioned for the same gig. If the currencies are different between the 2 places, then that’s probably the reason why you see different values.