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Question: For those who are Empath healers

For few weeks now, I have been search for empath healers who can solve my problem. I requested gigs but none of them delivers.

For those who looked for empath healers here, could you recommend someone who can truly deliver the gig? I have been spending a lot now to no result at all.

I would prefer someone who has extensive skills in telepathy, clairvoyance, and other things related to this. It’s really urgent.

I think this is best for a search among those who offer gigs on this rather than asking on the forum for recommendations.

You asked this same thing a while back:

You also had another post titled:

Are all top rated or level 2 sellers true?

and in this post you say this?

If you have spent a lot of money on this type of service and not had any luck it might be time to give up on it.