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Question for those who had their TRS stripped away

have you had your TRS unceremoniously stripped from you and then regained it? has anyone here gotten their TRS back after a demotion? HOW DID YOU ACCOMPLISH THIS? I really need to hear your story. i had mine taken in january and have kept my numbers perfect since then, but they keep me imprisoned at level 2 and i’m starting to become suspicious of fiverr’s motives here. i started selling on fiverr in 2010 and i was a fiverr Super Seller and a TRS for SEVEN YEARS!

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From the post @fastcopywriter made, it’s safe to say that if you lose it then it’s back to square one.

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maybe so, i just wonder if ANYONE has gotten their TRS back. and if so, how they pulled off such a feat.

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Hi, I admire you as former Super Seller. You have my respect.
I just former-TRS and was demoted in January. Same like you, stuck at level 2.

About the question. Yes! I found several member regain they TRS back after demoted. You can find them at this forum.

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Can you point them out?


Maybe you can search, “Get my TRS back” or something similar. I found them around february and march.

I lost my TRS 5 months before, and after that I nominated for TRS in past 3 months repeatedly.
However fiverr has decided to keep me at level 2 yet.

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yup, i’ve asked support to give me specific reasons and they give me the same old crap about it’s some other department that does the evaluations. i mean, they work there, can’t they talk to someone? i find it a bit unfair - i mean, if i get arrested, the cops have to tell me why they’re arresting me.

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I’m a Level 1, but I’m just curious how much the demotion has impacted your gig. Was there a marked drop off in orders?

If Fiverr do not want to promote us as TRS after nominated, then why they gave us that kind of evaluation system.

I think this might be why people should hope they do not get promoted to TRS status.

Being a TRS clearly comes with a few Fiverr search perks which arguably can have a very positive impact on sales. Having these and then suddenly losing them could, therefore, be more detrimental than a demotion from level 2 to 1 or zero. Not being able to automatically go back up the TRS ladder could then make things even worse.

AND as we all know, anyone can be demoted for events outwith of their control.

I personally will be avoiding TRS status like I would be my 30th Birthday in Logan’s Run. As soon as the dancing round in a leotard is over, you have to spend every month onward having to worry about being murdered.


I agree but Fiverr shoving that you’ve been nomicated for TRS in your face every month really takes a toll on morale. Imagine how someone would feel hoping for a birdtay mircale only to be let down again :frowning: (Yes, it was my birthday yesterday.)

Fiverr NEEDS to stop notifying us about how we’re supposedly “Nominated” for TRS status.


That must be annoying if you don’t get the promotion. :frowning:

Belated happy birthday BTW! :tada:

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Of course!!..

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Yes, I would actually like to opt out of being nominated for all the reasons I just mentioned and that annoying notice that says: “Yey! You might be a winner!” Followed by, “Actually, here’s 8 reasons why you haven’t won and never will!”

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Fixed that for you…

there’s a bit of a long-term dropoff on my gigs - that’s 3 months of demotion, folks! the thing i’m most irked about is that now i have to wait 14 days to get paid instead of the TRS 7 days. i’m starting to wonder if fiverr is doing this on purpose - imagine the interest on all that money from all those demoted sellers!

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dude. i’d promote you just for mentioning Logan’s Run if i could! :smiley:

It’s just weird that fiverr has ways to get demoted that are beyond a seller’s control (demoralizing situation number one)

and then teases sellers with the prospect of becoming a TRS every month, only to let them down again each month (demoralizing situation number two).

Do they want sellers in a permanent mode of discouragement?

That announcement that sellers are “nominated for Top Rated Seller” is a tease, and very cruel. There are thousands of sellers with dashed hopes each month.

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yup, i’m feeling the demoralization myself. it’s like in the Shawshank Redemption when Morgan Freeman’s character keeps getting denied parole. one day i’ll just tell 'em where they can stick it - then i’ll be TRS again, lol. #PureFantasy