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Question for top sellers

I need help specially from top sellers, I wanna ask how can i set my gig as featured ???

I suppose I shouldn’t answer since I’m not a Top Rated Seller. Short answer, though: You can’t.

Well I am not a Top Rated Seller, but I am Featured Seller. Having said that, you cannot set that yourself that is true as @fonthaunt said but I can guide you on certain points which are important to get there.

1: Make sure your GIG follows the Fiver’s TOC’s and are made with top notch descriptions etc
2: Share your gig on social platforms, make a facebook page dedicated to promoting your fiverr gig. Invest in yourself run ads and bring more traffic to your gig thereby also increasing the conversion
3: I saw your main selling gig lacks packages, turn on that feature you’d definitely see a increase in traffic.
4: Use a video for your gig description it increases your gig views
5: Increase your average selling price, include more into your gigs this again goes in implementing various packages as you can up sell buyers into higher packages

Hope that helps

Best regards