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Question for VOICEOVER sellers

Hey folks, quick question from a Fiverr voiceover veteran here:

I see a lot of the TRS high-profile sellers are offering selections from their royalty-free music libraries.

How are you handling this without breaking Fiverr TOS?

It seems to me that folks would want to select their own music from the library, but you would need to link off-site for that.

So, for those of you that do this, how are you handling it to stay in the clear?


-Dave :slight_smile:

Hi Dave,

I offer royalty free music for videos, which comes from the iMovie sound effect library. In regards to your comment about linking off the site, Fiverr isnโ€™t strict about that. Linking off the site for orders is not against TOS, as many gigs require that. Contact off the site is obviously not allowed, but external links are fine. 90% of my buyers send links to their websites, etc! I hope I am understanding your comment correctly.