Question for writing sellers/buyers


Do you guys use copyscape to check for plagiarism? Or what is the norm/preferred tool for this?

I barely found out myself about copyscape, but since I’m not in the writing field I have no idea if my findings are trustworthy or not.

Looking forward to your input :slight_smile:


Unfortunately you’ll never really know whether the article you purchased is completely organic even if you purchased it from a “reputable” seller.

I have worked with many writers and I’ve usually done Google searches as well as copyscape.

I’m sure there are many tools that are out there that people use to confirm that their articles are indeed original.

On another note, there is a way to encrypt the text so that it’s unsearchable. The amount at which phonies go to cheat is incredible.


I personally use small SEO tools. If you google ‘small SEO tools plagiarism checker’ you will find what I am on about.

I don’t usually buy articles, however, when I do I do check them and twice I have found that articles which I have bought have been plagiarised by using the above tool.

What I do regularly do is check the articles which I am sending clients using plagiarism checkers like the above. This is not because I plagiarise work but because sometimes I work for similar clients. i.e. recently I completed 20 service pages for two different limousine hire companies which both offer the same kind of services just in different areas. In this case, I checked all articles and did find one which was highlighted as plagiarized against a piece of my own work which had already been published by the first client.

The above being the case, I can recommend the small SEO tools service and best of all, it’s free!


Thank you for the info Cy, I actually had hoped to see your reply on this matter :slight_smile:

I just took a peek at the tool you mentioned, but I see it has a 1,000 words limit - do they offer a paid plan, by any chance? For I couldn’t find one, and splitting larger pieces feels rather annoying.


I’m not sure actually. I have never needed to check anything longer than 1,000 words myself. All I can say is that I have used this tool side by side with other free tools and found it to be the most accurate.

If you need to check work regularly that exceeds 1,000 words, maybe stick with a paid subscription to Copyscape as Copyscape is the industry standard when it comes to plagiarism checkers. That said, if you are wanting to use a paid service, I think that Grammarly might be cheaper but I haven’t used the paid version of Grammarly which you need to check plagiarism since I discovered Small SEO Tools.


Oh man, Grammarly looks so hot! Thanks so much for the tip, Cy!



I’ve purchased several articles but have not used any plagiarism checker.

I have not published nor used it on my blog yet. When I do, I may hire another seller to check it out for me.

Copyscape isn’t always reliable. A seller will get a genuine article, set the word document to another language such as Russian and replace all the letters which are similar. Then they will set it to another language, such as Romania and replace all the similar letters, on and on.

They read it to make sure it still makes sense in English, then push it through copyscape themselves. They pass it to client as the last step.

You end up getting sued for using someone else’s work.

Someone (a seller) wrote about it in an older thread when a buyer who swore it passed copyscape.


As a writer I just write from the heart 100% original copy. My clients all use copyscape and have never come back saying I’d copied something. I trust in myself that when I write it’s going to pass because I KNOW I’m not copying anything! :slight_smile: Just how I do it.

There is occasionally an event I may have to include in a copy that has only very specific information available which makes it harder, but I try to rewrite it as best I can.


I just really can’t understand why plagiarism is such a huge problem. I really can’t put myself in the mindset of someone who would want to do that. Like…just write the article? Writing is so fun and fulfilling, and if anyone doesn’t think so than they should do something else. I just don’t get how anyone could feel happy in their life knowing that they are being paid for something they did not do. Like there are all these youtube videos on how to make money as a “Fiverr middleman” and outsource the work. It’s like…how a person be happy and feel fulfilled if they aren’t actually producing what they are being paid for? I don’t get it. An occupation is about more than money.


I so agree. Just write it. If you wanna be a writer, BE A WRITER! :slight_smile:


I’m like you. I also don’t run my stuff through copyscape. I know it’s original. If it’s an article (I don’t do a lot of articles. I mostly do memoirs) than I check the first few results that google turns up to make sure I’m giving a fresh perspective on the topic. But that’s the most that I do. I’ve never had a problem.


@woofy31 I use Copyscape. I think it is best for checking the originality of content. However, you know what is more disturbing? My all copies go wasted because I never found Plagiarism in my writings.:unamused:


Well, there are plenty of opportunists who constantly look for any means of making money without putting much (or any) effort, the sort of people who feel great when they get money without actually working or truly earning it!

And since writing is seen as such an easy thing and there’s enough demand for it, those who don’t know much English (or at all) will try finding workarounds to make writing still come easy - hence the large amounts of bad writers using copy/paste, or better yet, spinning content – it’s like a new trend of some sort.


From a logical point of view, I understand all of that. I just can’t imagine how they can be happy. What are they doing to feel accomplished? I don’t understand how they can be happy just collecting money that they didn’t earn. It really baffles me…


Well, this might not be the enlightening you seek, but they are happy because they most likely earn more this way, than they would on a regular job working their fragglesrock off. It might be a cultural thing, or it might be a psychological thing.


Thanks :slight_smile: Not really looking for an answer. I was more just commenting upon how strange I find it.


I would recommend that every writer uses a plagiarism checker. Plagiarism is not always intentional. A good writer reads and researches material constantly. At the same time, they write on similar topics over and over. In this case, it is easy for a REAL writer to subconsciously reuse certain phrases over again.

Plagiarism checkers shouldn’t be seen as just tools to catch liars and scammers. They should also be used by real writers themselves in order to help hone their craft regardless of how good, honest, or genuinely passionate they assume themselves to be when it comes to writing.