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Question for you mystery and riddle lovers:

Hi friends, kangaroos and hedgehogs,

Why has my head morphed into the shape of a big question mark?
There is no tip or suggestion I haven’t used…
Yet 7 gigs up and no orders for 6 months.
(except for a few orders of 1 specific gig, the only one I don’t love doing)

For those who like to solve riddles and mysteries, the 7 gigs are here:

Grateful in advance, for any ideas
Hugs, May :slight_smile:

Do you use that “10 offers per day on ‘See Available Projects’” feature?

Hi thanks for replying :slight_smile:
yes I do.
But I assume, based on the requests I myself have posted, that buyers prefer to choose a seller who is level 2 or top rated. I’m not even at level 1 yet…

Same story here, but I have managed to get 5 sales in last 10 days by offering them extra bonus like 10% discount or increase in my service etc. I have made $73.6 so far since I registered (I registered 10 days ago).

Wow - first of all congratulations, I am so happy for you!
Just had a look at your gigs, and I see that you offer the type of services that are not niche…
Makes me again think of the title of my post…
Hugs, May.

have you checked whether your gigs are in fiverr search

hi thanks for your idea - I checked just now, and only some of them do… should I write to customer support about this?

Am not sure what you should do but i think thats the reason why you have no orders

I researched this for the past hour on the forums, and it seems that there simply is no guarantee that a gig will show up in the search engine/ some gigs show up, others don’t, even some very successful ones don’t always show up.
In any case, I think most of mine do, just not all.
So they mystery continues… :slight_smile: