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❓🖼 Common Forum Questions 💭 (Profile Creation, Disappearing Posts, Muting, Deleting Posts and More)

This post is one of a series of posts to answer a few of the common reoccurring questions on the forum. Note: If you are looking for the Introductory Forum Questions you can find it here for basics about the forum, logins, etc. To search for more Forum Questions posts, try forum search. and search for FIVERRFO.

In this series, you’ll learn how to fill-out your Fiverr community profile.

If you’ve arrived at this page that means you’ve successfully registered for the Fiverr Official Forum. Good job!

Next, you’ll need to fill-out your community profile. Don’t worry it’s easy peasy! :sunglasses:

To navigate to the profile settings page.

Simply navigate by left-clicking on your profile image (top right).
Click on the user preference wheel icon > then profile.

Here’s the direct link:
(Just replace the username with your own)

(Please refer to the screenshot for easy reference)

Step #1 Add your location (i.e. Your City/Country of origin)

Step #2 Add your Fiverr profile url or a Fiverr GIG url.
(direct links only!) shortened links are not permitted and pose a security risk.

Step #3 Upload your profile background. Upload an image (PNG/JPG). Note: Profile backgrounds will be centered and have a default width of 850px. This will be the profile cover and the first thing people will notice when they visit your profile.

Step #4 Upload your User Card Background. Upload an image (PNG/JPG). Note: Background images will be centered and have a default width of 590px. Essentially it’s the same thing as the profile background, but on a smaller scale. (User Card)

:bulb: You can use the same image or elect to use different images for the Profile/User card backgrounds. Remember, Fiverr is a global community so nothing obscene, offensive or inappropriate!

When users click on your username or your community profile pic/avatar they will see the user card.
Depicted below :arrow_down:

Step #5 Add your Birthdate (month/date). On your birthday there will be a :birthday: icon to let the community know that you are celebrating a birthday. Perhaps, by that time you’ve cultivated new friendships. One of your forum friends could potentially create a Happy Birthday thread dedicated to you. -cue- the confetti and birthday song :musical_note:

Whew! Almost done!

Step #6 Now don’t forget to save changes before navigating away from the page.

Congratulations! :tada:

You’ve successfully setup your Fiverr Community Profile.



Q. I posted a thread or a comment and now I can’t find it. What happened?
A: Here are some possibilities:

1.) If you’ve just lost track of the thread or comment, you may be able to find it in your own Activity log.
Click on your own forum username to go to your forum profile page.
Look for the Activity tab:

Click on Activity and you’ll see a list of all your visible posts and comments.

2.) Still can’t find your post or comment? Check your forum notifications to see if you’ve received any notices about it. Up at the top right-hand corner of the screen you’ll see the forum “hamburger” menu and your profile photo. When you click on your profile and the inbox icon, you can see some notifications:

3.) If you see a note in your inbox like the one highlighted in blue above, it’s possible that your post or comment was flagged by the automatic system or by forum users. Read the message to learn more. Some messages can be unhidden by editing them to fix the problem, but if the post or comment has been removed/deleted you will be unable to access it due to a problem with that post. Read up on the Forum Rules, Fiverr ToS and a summary of Community Guidelines to avoid this problem.

4.) If you don’t see a flag notice or warning in your forum inbox, you can try your email. If you still don’t find anything, it’s possible that your notification settings or email settings blocked it. If you are certain you made a post or comment and it doesn’t show up in your log as described in #1 above, chances are the post has been removed due to a trigger word (banned words, competitor names, seller/buyer usernames, posting in wrong category, spamming) or due to another rule violation. Be sure you are familiar with the rules before you try again.


Can I mute certain forum users and/or categories?

Yes. Muting a specific user can be done from your Forum Preferences page, as follows:

Step 1. Go to your Forum Preferences page by clicking on your profile photo/icon located at the top-right and then clicking on the :gear: gear icon.


Step 2. Click on the “Notifications” menu on the left side, and you’ll see lower on the page a section titled "Users Muted"

Step 3. Start typing the first letters of the member you want to mute and use the dropdown list to select their profile and add them to your Muted users list. Don’t forget to click Save to apply the changes.

Muting a specific category is also done through your Forum Preferences page as follows:

Step 1. Click on the “Categories” submenu below the “Notifications” menu, and you’ll see lower on the page a section titled “Muted”.

Step 3b. Click inside the input box and a dropdown list will show up with all the categories and subcategories of the forum. Click on the ones you want to mute, and don’t forget to save once you’re done.


  • Muting a member will not hide their posts - you will still see what they write and stumble upon their posts, but the forum will not notify you of their posts;

  • Topics pertaining to a muted category will not show up in the New or Latest lists of topics;

  • You will still receive notifications from topics that you are part of, or that you are Watching, even if they are part of a muted category. If you don’t want to be notified any longer, you will have to Mute the topic itself by clicking on the right-side :grey_exclamation: exclamation mark icon and choose “Muted” from the dropdown list

  • If someone @mentions you in a topic that is part of a muted category, you will be notified of the mention - if you don’t want to be notified again, you will have to Mute that particular topic as previously mentioned.

How do I delete my thread if I wanted to?

Users cannot delete threads once they’ve been published. You can politely ask a Moderator to delete a thread that you’ve started. If you’ve revealed sensitive details or anything pertaining to identity issues etc. We strongly recommend that you state the reason for your thread deletion request. Mods can also :lock: your thread as per request.

Requesting the removal of a thread can be done by one of the following Moderators.
@eoinfinnegan, @fonthaunt, @annai80, @sue_mcl, @wp_kid. Please keep in mind that Moderators are (volunteers) as well as Sellers, so they might not get back to you straight away. You may want to tag all the mods in a delete request since they live in varied time zones. (Please don’t tag mods for questions that other people can answer - mods have deliveries to make too!)

Alternatively, if you wanted to delete your post(s) you can. We suggest using this feature in moderation. As deleted posts can disrupt the thread discussion; thus making it harder for readers to understand the scope of the topic.

:pushpin: Delete a forum post

At the bottom right of the post, you’ll see these icons.

Click on the three dots (…)


Then click on the trashcan icon.



You’ll see this message:

If you change your mind, simply click on the undo icon undo and your post will reappear.