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Question from a new seller, how exactly accepting/declining of gig orders work?

Hello everyone, I have started my account couple days ago, still trying to polish things so my gig and profile is looking nice and professional.

I do have one question regarding gig offers though, I do offer photoshop retouching work, working in this field full time for several years now.

I am not sure, how (and if I am able to - without getting negative reviews) I will be able to cancel an order, if someone makes an order that I will know for a fact is way harder than what I can edit (or not harder, but way more time consuming than my initial gig, it usually comes in a form of customers sending pretty bad quality pictures to start with, expecting really high quality result in return, but the reality is, it would take just so much time an effort, to “fix” some of these really bad pictures, that it is not worth the time anymore), and from a “product retouching gig” becomes basically a whole photoshop re-creating of the original scene by rendering - which is not what I would want to invest my time in doing.

So my question would be, is there a simple way to politely cancel an order someone has made on my gig without being penalized or rated badly?

Thanks in advance for reply.


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If an order gets cancelled the buyer can’t then rate/review it. Though occasionally if an order has been completed it can sometimes get cancelled by CS (eg. if the buyer asks) and a review they left can stay (though that’s probably rare).

The system will most likely lower your gig rank after a cancellation so it might be harder to get new orders and it will affect your evaluation stats - and make it harder to get to level 1 (eg. you need at least 90% completion rate). Sometimes by asking CS to cancel it without affecting your stats they can do that but that’s normally if there’s a valid reason like if the buyer ordered something your gig wasn’t for.