Question From A New Seller


Hi guys, I have been using Fiverr for a while now as a buyer and am now wanting to offer my own Gigs. I am a web developer with 15 years experience and I want to start offering simple web solutions to people who need basic websites setup.

However, I keep reading how we are now allowed to ask for any personal information in our gigs, no contact details and no login credentials etc.

Obviously, in order for me to build someone a website, I am going to need to login to their domain / server so I am going to need to ask for login credentials in order to deliver my Gig.

I don’t want to do anything against Fiverr’s TOS, or to annoy CS or get banned, so I am asking here, if anyone could please offer any advice on how I can get the access I need without annoying Fiverr?



Yup. Contact Customer Support, explain your gig and why you need this information, and request special permission to obtain it. :slight_smile:


Ok thanks mrspanda