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Question from Newbie

Fairly new, I’ve complete several Voice Over gigs, my question is on other VO sellers pages the video is first then followed by recordings of completed gigs with the buyers comments showing while the gig is playing. None of my completed gigs show, just the opening video. Is there something I need to click to get those gigs added to my page so buyers can hear these samples of my work?

You need to make sure that your “portfolio” option is turned on. Once this option is activated on the specific gig your previous deliveries will start to show up… but there’s a catch. For them to show up, you need to receive a positive review from the buyer. Their testimonial will display at the bottom.

I would also suggest that you go ahead and take advantage of the additional image and even PDF upload slots. You can include information about your expertise or information about your gig extras there.

Thank you

Well I’ve been looking but can’t find that portfolio option.

Will do, thanks

I think I just found it.

I did find the portfolio option and it was already clicked on, I have more than enough deliveries with positive reviews, but nothing has showed up.

It is up to the buyer as to weather they want their order shown as sample work on your gig. In other words, your buyers may be choosing for whatever reason to not show their order in your portfolio.