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❓🛠 Common Forum Questions ❓ (Extra Tools, Editing, Flagging, Badges and More)

This post is one of a series of posts to answer a few of the common reoccurring questions on the forum. Note: If you are looking for the Introductory Forum Questions you can find it here for basics about the forum, logins, etc. To search for more Forum Questions posts, [try forum search and search for FIVERRFO.

1. How do I access extra tools in a forum post?

A. If you are logged into the forum, some forum tools are accessed by open up more option in a forum post. Anytime you see a reference to access the extra forum tools, remember to try this if you don’t see it.

Extra forum tools are found by clicking on the 3 dots at the bottom of a post:

2. How can I edit my post?

A: In order to edit your post click on the pen icon

3. I have a new Fiverr profile picture, but it’s not showing on the forum?

A: Log out, clear your browser, cookies and cache and log back in. This should resolve the issue and you should be able to see your new profile picture.



More Common Issues/Questions about the Forum:

1. What are some genuine reasons to flag a post or comment on the forum?

A: If you see a user who has violated the forum rules or general guidelines or if a user has done something inappropriate, you can flag a post so a moderator can look at the issue.

B: When you click the flag button (see image below) you will see a list of flag reasons. You should only flag if your issue fits one of these reasons. Disliking a user or a post is not a reason to flag. Flagging for revenge or other inappropriate reasons is against the rules. Now, if you do need to flag, remember to access the extra forum tools first as described in question #1 in the above post. The flag button then looks like this:


C: After you click the Flag, the reasons will show up like this:

D: The first 3 are fairly simple.

It’s Off-Topic generally means that the thread/new post is in the wrong category or that the comment in a thread is going off-topic. This is more important if the comment is disruptive or provocative, since some off-topic comments are not a big issue.

It’s Inappropriate usually means that the post or comment has violated the forum rules or general guidelines or that the post is a direct violation of the Fiverr ToS.

It’s Spam usually means that the post or comment includes an off-Fiverr ad or unapproved link, a gig/proifle link in a category outside My Fiverr Gigs or a duplicate post. (Posting the same thing more than once is a form of spam.)

Something Else is available if you feel certain that a moderator needs to review the post or comment but the user doesn’t fit the other three. When you choose Something Else you can type in a message for the moderators.

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What is Discobot?image

A: The Fiverr forum uses the Discourse Forum ® software. You can learn more about Discourse on their own site. The fine people at Discourse created a fun little bot that lives on some Discourse forums and the Fiverr forum has a Discobot too! Don’t freak out if you encounter Discobot - it’s not a hacker and you aren’t being spammed - it’s just a little bot. :robot:

Discobot doesn’t do a lot right now, but it can be used for a little fun and some forum “easter eggs.” Discobot shows up as a regular user, so you can look at the Discobot profile if you wish. Just be warned, you can talk to Discobot too, like any other user, but it’ll try to talk back so don’t let it scare you!


In this series, you’ll learn what are Fiverr forum badges and how to earn them.

What are forum badges?

Badges encourage community camaraderie — a fun way of making our community ‘engaging’ and ‘interactive’. Badges are an integral way for users to ‘take part’ in discussions. Earning badges are just mini rewards from contributing; helping the community thrive; being an outstanding user and setting a positive example for others.

How to earn them?

Forum badges should be earned organically over a period of time and not forced. Please do not attempt to forcibly earn a bunch of badges in a day or two, this can get you in trouble. In fact, some badges will take weeks & in some cases months to achieve. Your contribution should always be fluid and natural. It’s like opening a :gift:, you’ll receive a notification when you’ve reached a badge milestone.

Note: Forum badges will not increase sales, gain impressions, rank in search or put you in the running to become a TRS, Moderator or Fiverr Ambassador. Badges merely show that you are an active member of the community.

How many badges can a user earn?

Click here to view the current Forum badges. Additionally, you can click on the hyperlinks to learn more about each one. Feel free to view this page periodically!

:sparkle: Badges are broken down into categories.

  1. Getting started - You are a new user.

  2. Community - You’ve stuck around long enough.

  3. Posting - You’ve shown the ability to use the basic forum functions.

  4. Trust level - You’ve achieved Basic, Member or Regular badge. Again, this is solely based on your level of activity.

Congratulations! :tada:

Now that you’ve learned how Badges work! It’s time to make our Community better than ever. :slightly_smiling_face: