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Question/Help Needed - Banner Gig Settings

Hello, I’m making one of my actual first posts here on the Fiverr Forum. I’m hoping someone will be able to help/resolve the small issue I’m having with my gig package.

What I offer:
I design web banners and ads in different package forms. You can purchase my packages that vary by package size. (Amount of banners you get).

Currently, in my gig, there are 3 packages to choose from. I will create you 3 web banners in the Basic package, and 8 in the Standard package. However, in my gig listings, I cannot select a number higher than 10 size variations. In this case, my Premium package offers 14 banners. This is where I get a bit disappointed…

NOTE: I have seen some Banner designers on here that have the size variations exceed 10 on their gig page. Is there a reason for this? Do I have to make a set number of sales or some kind of minimum requirement to “unlock” additional settings?

Currently, my gig settings are fine, and I leave my Premium package size variations (Blank).

Please see my screenshot below to understand what I mean.

And here is a screen snip of someone’s gig that has the ability to do what I would like to accomplish:


I would appreciate any help that can be offered. Thank you in advance.


I think you may have to be “levelled” to unlock some more numbers.

Or possibly add extra banners under “gig extras”

Thank’s for the reply, first I’ve gotten all day.
Yes “leveled” is one of the conclusions I stated above. But I’d like a confirmation on that.

I’ve tried the gig extras but that doesn’t achieve what some others have on their gig pages.
Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t want to have “extra’s” as an option. The “extra’s” are actually going to be utilized on top of the current package of 14 banners.

Appreciate your response though.

Well, one way to solve this is to examine the seller profiles you say have the package type you want to give carefully. Are they “levelled”? Are they “Pro”?

And this article may help you:

Right, and I’ve done all that.
But it doesn’t say or list anything about increasing the # of Sizes.
I do appreciate your help. But I’ve already gone through many topics and resources.

I’m hoping someone can reply who currently does this, or knows specifically what you need to do such things.

Well, now there’s some traction on your post maybe someone else will notice it and come up with an answer :slight_smile:

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Hopefully someone can answer this.