[question, help please] My gig went to Pending mood by changing the description!


Hello everyone

My gig went to the Pending mood by changing the description expand my description words !

The only option given on my mission control for that gig is To Delete it !

how does this work ?


The mutual success and satisfaction of all Sellers and Buyers is what Fiverr is after.

But when you as a Seller presented a culpable product to sell through your Gig Tittle and or Description, Fiverr will not allow that.

This stems from there Terms Of Operation which when you created your account, you agreed to.

So I will suggest you re-read that terms again and if you still can’t link it with your edited Gig which is now labelled with deletion by Fiverr, just contact the Lords Of Fiverr

(support team) to get a full explanatory code of conduct on Fiverr from them.


Yes I do understand the satisfaction of all buyers which fiverr is after.

But i just add up to my gig description info’s !

and I;m aware of the terms too.

how am I suppose to contact the support team ?

I even have 100% rating !


Really Appreciate it

Thanks for your positive feedback ! I almost panicked that I had to delete my gig !

I’ll try to contact them and reach them (customer support).