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Question - How Fiverr Saves Sellers from Fraud Buyers?

Can any one let me know how fiverr take care of the sellers?
How they saves Sellers from fraud Buyers?
Why My payment is safer on fiverr ? We freelancers Usually take Initial for all orders out of fiverr and if Buyers cancels order , we can have at least our initials!
But here Buyers pays full amount at begining and at last he cancels order we lost everything !!
So How fiverr help their sellers ?
and how its safer for deal ?
if we dont Agree with Buyer, they rate us negative, if we happily accept cancellation it effects in Order Completion rate!
Does this mean Sellers are always the Vitim ?

can Any one explain ?
This topic is related to my current experience and to my other Topic.


Don’t blame Fiverr. Blame all the sellers who created the culture of cancelling to avoid negative reviews which is responsible for:

  1. The fact that buyers try to abuse it
  2. The cancellation rate becoming a performance metric
  3. The 4.8 star requirement - if people didn’t cancel so often in the past then the average review throughout the site would be lower meaning that the requirement would have been set lower

Be part of the solution and stand up to buyers who want to cancel after delivery. If you do the work, you get paid. Simple.
If every seller stuck to this then we might all get a few negative reviews but there is also a good chance that buyers will stop trying to scam (at least in this way, they will no doubt find another way to try)


we cant blam fiverr thats true, but if we seller got to CS for these issue what they say is to mutually solve this with buyer, but if Buyer will contact CS they cancels order ?? I share Screen shots with CS that buyer approving work, they suggested me to mutually solve this with him! I am afraid what they will reply Buyer if he will contact CS ? Most common I read here that they accepts buyer’s dispute!

Because most people who solve it themselves don’t make a post about it.
Dealing with people is part of any type of job that sells products/services. Freelancing requires the ability to deal with people too. Over the years I have had plenty of situations where I have had to deal with this type of thing and even I, someone who posts here a lot, don’t post about resolving these things.


Sadly, you are not protected in any way. You should always refuse to cancel but buyers can still force cancellations.

That said there is pressure mounting on platforms like Fiverr to offer a better protection and payment options. There is the freelances union and according to Forbes, 73% of freelancers will leave a marketplace due to payment issues.


Buyer already got work for free, why should he would be ready to deal with me now ?
He keep asking updates and we sellers must be good communicator and too humble to them to get good rating and satisfaction of him! so I did send updates! after all work sent and time for payment, he open dispute to cancel!
You are right about dealing with people :slight_smile: and am doing it with hundreds of people here on fiverr…all are satisfied customer, but only one two are not ? people are not same , few are just coming to steal the work…what fiverr can help us in that thief cases ?

then what if all buyers come and ask for work…take final delivery and cancel orders :smiley: ?
should we seller die our own ? or some will come to? :smiley:

Did you reject it and explain that the work was completed as described in the gig?

Again - it is up to you to deal with the clients. If a buyer is requesting cancellation when you have completed the work then you can report it to Customer Support and explain why you do not want to cancel. The buyer might keep requesting to cancel but just keep declining the request. Explain once that the work is completed and that you will not be cancelling the order.


There are plenty of things Fiverr could do to reduce fraud, but Fiverr is a business so some features or actions that would be beneficial for sellers won’t be beneficial for Fiverr. Since there are plenty of topics on this I won’t go into detail :slight_smile:

However, I believe that in most cases things go wrong because sellers haven’t taken the necessary steps to protect themselves (poorly explained service, miscommunication during delivery, unclear revision process etc).

Surely there are scammers out there who will try to get free work, but I think most buyers are honest and not every buyer who asks for a cancellation had that intention at the beginning. When things go wrong then buyers will try to protect themselves and a cancellation feels like the right solution to them when a seller is not able to de-escalate the situation.

I won’t write the long list of things you can do to protect yourself here because it would be just duplicate content to the hundreds of posts on this forum.

If you’re referring to the case you had a few days ago then that was most likely due to your revision process and poor vetting process. That has been answered and once you rethink how you manage your projects you’ll have fewer cases like that.

We all get scammers at times, but when this happens we come here, we rant, we improve the way we handle projects and we move on. Some might even send a complaint to Fiverr, but the key here is to look at the way you handle your business. That’s the most effective way to protect yourself.


Everyone has a part to be blamed for… I just encountered my first chargeback from a douchebag, yet the CS managed to bring back my $40 within a few hours…

  1. Fiverr needs to stop to accept payments from PayPal… for example upwork only allows to use credit cards.
  2. Sellers do need to stop canceling the orders, but in most cases some buyers just place the orders without even reading… this part makes me loose my damn mind.
  3. I’d love that part with the ID card verification to be implemented for the buyers as well

It would put honest buyers off and would be unnecessary if everybody just did what they were supposed to.


I’d love Fiverr to stop taking PayPal but it won’t happen.

The buyer not reading thing is frustrating but not a lot that can be done to rectify it aside from an Accept Order button which would have the effect of dealing with the one in 20-50 orders that have to be cancelled but also make Fiverr an extremely frustrating platform to buy on = less sales.

I just think the ID thing is a bad idea. Period. Scammers will find a way around it and everyone else will just be annoyed by the requirement and/or leave. The whole system works well without ID and it is such a big thing to ask of people to hand over that other alternatives for dealing with fraud etc should be explored.


Using some type of credit points… you buy some points and those points can be used further to purchase things… Once you loaded your account with some points, those are nonrefundable, so if you get a refund from the seller those credits will be back on your fiverr account.

Using Fiverr credit is not a bad idea if it’s implemented in a way that user doesn’t need to add credit first and buy the service. It would have be seamlessly integrated to the purchase flow.

However, that would mean that Fiverr has to fight against chargebacks :slight_smile:
Right now they simply take money back from your account if possible. And if you don’t fight hard enough there won’t be any loss for Fiverr.

Yes I did! Actually It was custom offer, I offered him more than gig description because he it was big order!

I did and explain things with conversation screenshots , and buyers approving work!
but they said I have to talk to buyer and they cant force Buyer to accept work even he approved them :frowning:

Its was like , I have 35 characters…I do One for one GIG but he asked for 35. I did all and he did not like few…
I revise them for him and he might like them or not! but what about work i have done on 28 characters and he approved? Is it good to loose $260 for not giving right thing of revision of $40?

believe me, they do nothing!

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I always preferred my payment through fiverr just because I thought I am 100% safer here and I would get paid for what I am doin!
But sadly…:frowning:

You shouldn’t do 35 characters in one order, especially for a new client.
You should start with 5-10. Once the order is approved and completed you take the next 10.

When it comes to revision then you deliver your order, they review and ask for modification if needed. Once you’ve made the changes that’s it.
If they ask for changes again then you ask for extra $$. No free revisions after they have hit the limit you agreed on before the buyer accepted the order.

Should they dispute you refuse cancellation and send them to CS.

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its not fiverr who save us from fraud but its us who saves fiverr platform from froud
never sell your services for free to impress buyer impress him from your services quality as it says if you are good in something never do it for free
mention everything in offer that what is you are going to give buyer in how much time and in how much charges.
always deliver on time so that buyer doesnt have any excuse to cancel order
always attach files or screen shot with delivery if buyer try to cancel you can report to fiverr customer care
dont cancel order from your side. in any case if you want to ask to buyer do so it will not impact on your performance
its my experience to deal with buyer
Thank You

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