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QUESTION: I delivered an order but didn't got paid

Hello! So i completed an order like 5 hours before the deadline, and now that deadline has passed but the buyer still didn’t pay me. In the dashboard it appears as an active gig and that fiverr will market as completed in 3 days. Will i get the money after those 3 days or is it lost money?
Thank you for your time! This was the first order that i got and it would be really disappointing if it were a failure

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If the buyer marks it as complete and rates the order, then you get paid right away.

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I encourage you to read the Terms of Service to learn how this works.

You should never register for a service before you know and understand the terms of payment.

Yes, you will be paid.


You have to wait for the buyer to accept or Fiverr mark it as completed. After that Fiverr will hold the money for 14 days. After that you will be able to withdraw it. Congrats for you first order :v:t3: :slightly_smiling_face: