[Question] I got a warning message from Fiverr because I don't know how to confirm!


Dear Fiverr users,

Can you help me solve this problem, please?

I’m a newbie on Fiverr and this is the first time I post my gig as a seller. I posted a gig “I will translate up to 700 WORDS English to Vietnamese or reverse for $5”. I got a customer and he asked me to translate a card.

After finishing, I sent him my product and he got it, aslo.

However, you know, this is the first time I use Fiverr, so that I don’t know how to confirm that I’ve finished my task.

I accomplished my 1st client’s task, and he also received my product. Unfortunately, you know, my client didn’t know how to confirm that I finished my task on time.

Consequently, I got a warning from Fiverr for delivering late product.

What do I have to do now?

Besides, can you teach my how to confirm after my customer receive and satisfy my product?

Thank you,


You need to check you ‘Seller’ button, click ‘Manage Sales,’ find that order.

Now, scroll down. See a button that says DELIVER? If you have any attachments, put it there. If not, then write whatever you need in THAT message box… not your inbox, THAT message box. Click send.

Now look at the top of the page once it refreshes. It should have a small green box that says ‘Delivered’. You’re done!

If you do the same thing I just stated before, you will have the gig marked as delivered, as well.

For more help with being a new seller, check out this thread:



“Now look at the top of the page once it refreshes. It should have a small green box that says ‘Delivered’. You’re done!” => I just saw it said “In progress” and then was “Late Delivery”.

I’ve sent my product to my client and he received, but the box still said “In progress”.

Can you help me?


Try redelivering it.


Oh, I had that happen once. Just a mistake on Fiverr’s part.

Message Customer Support and let them know. I delivered something once and it showed up as late but it was just a mistake.


Fiverr made a broken wheel