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❓⁉ Introduction: Common Forum Questions ❔ (Forum Software, Registering, Logins, Blocks, Buyers vs Sellers on Forum and More)

This segment on Forum Questions is the first in a series of posts about our Fiverr forum. This one will answer some basics about the official forum. To search for more Forum Questions posts, [try forum search and search for FIVERRFO.

Q: What kind of software does the official Fiverr forum use?

A: The Fiverr forum uses the Discourse Forum ® software. You can learn more about Discourse on their own site. You can also try out Discourse’s own forum here.



Q. How do I register for the Fiverr Official Forum?

A: When you sign up on for a Fiverr account as a buyer, seller, or potential user, you will automatically be registered for the Fiverr Official Forum. If it is the first time you’ve used the forum or you’ve been logged out, be sure that you are already logged into before you go to the link. Once you are logged into Fiverr itself, then go to the forum and click on log in:

If you don’t have a account or you aren’t logged in, you may get an error or a message like this:

You will have to register for Fiverr or login to Fiverr before you can login the forum. Remember that it is against Fiverr rules to have more than one Fiverr and Forum account.

Q: How do I login to the Fiverr Forum?

A: As described in the post above, you have to be a registered user of before you can login to the forum. If you aren’t a Fiverr buyer or seller, you can read the forum without logging in, but you cannot post, like or flag posts.

If you had a Fiverr account but were banned or you deleted your Fiverr account, you may only view the forum as a guest, you may not post. If you have further questions about how to register on Fiverr, try this article or just go to JOIN here. If that doesn’t answer your questions you may need to create a Support ticket here.

See also:

Once you are sure you have a Fiverr account set up, go back to the above article for instructions on logging into the forum.

Q. What if I know I had a Fiverr and forum account, but I cannot login to the forum anymore?


Step One: The first thing you might want to do is to make sure that your Fiverr account is still active. Go to and make sure you are already logged in or that you can log in. If you cannot login to Fiverr anymore, there may be an issue with your Fiverr account. Sellers or Buyers who no longer have an active Fiverr account do not normally retain access to the forum, so you can only view the forum as a guest if your Fiverr account has been banned or deleted.

Step Two: If you can log in to Fiverr but you are having trouble logging into the forum, go to your forum profile page to see the status of your forum account. To do this, replace username in this URL with your Fiverr username and then paste the link into your browser:

For example, the forum profile for the Discourse forum admin is:

  • If you do not see a forum profile for your username:

If you do NOT see a forum profile for your Fiverr username even though you have a Fiverr account, go through thelogin steps again as shown here.

  • If you do see a forum profile and a suspension notice with a restoration date/time:

If you DO see a forum profile for your Fiverr username, see if you have any special messages on your forum profile. If your account has been temporarily suspended, you should see a message and a date when you can access the forum again, something like this:

  • If you do not see a forum profile and a suspension notice with no date/time:

If your account has been permanently banned for forum rule violations, ToS violations or other specific actions that happened with your account, you will see a suspended message without a date like this:

  • If you do not see a forum profile for your username, there is no suspension message but you cannot login:

If your account has been blocked for another reasons, such as nonsense posting as a new user, spamming as a new user, or posting blocked messages repeatedly as a new user, you may not see any suspension message. If you are certain that you have a Fiverr account in good standing and you see a forum profile with no warning message but you cannot log in, you should contact Fiverr Customer Supoprt, tell them that you cannot login to the forum and ask them to check with the forum moderator team to ask about the status of your forum account. They may need several days to get back with you, so be very patient.

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Q. Are users given warnings before they are suspended from the forum?

A: You should definitely become familar with:
:flag_black: The forum rules and general guidelines. and Fiverr ToS Here is a general overview of the forum moderation system:

  • The forum is managed by a team of staff and volunteer moderators. The volunteer moderators are buyers and sellers just like other forum users.
  • The forum is also managed through a set of automated tools that come with the Discourse :registered: forum software.***
  • When a post, thread or comment is flagged for moderation, one or more members of the moderation team reviews the flag. If the flag is deemed to have merit, you will usually receive a notice about the flag and the reason for the flag. The flag notification system may not work if your notification settings or email settings filter them out. One flag is usually not enough to cause you to be suspended, banned or blocked, but exceptions are made in severe cases.
  • If you receive multiple flags for your forum activity or if your forum activity is a very serious violation, you will usually receive a warning from a moderator or staff member. One warning can be enough to cause a suspension, block, or ban, but most typically users are not disciplined unless they receive 2 or more warnings.
  • If you have been warned more than twice, your forum activity may be monitored more closely. Once you have received multiple warnings or a suspension you may by suspended or banned again by violating even a minor rule.
  • Overall, the moderation system is tiered, meaning that new users start out as forum level 0 users and can earn the trust of other members, moderators and staff. As you spend more time on the forum, you can gain more forum levels and also gain more trust. If you are repeatedly warned for violations, your forum level may be locked at a low level and eventually you may be permanently suspended/blocked/banned.

.*** Automated Tools: Due to the use of automated tools, certain words or actions can trigger automated moderation. This usually will not happen unless you engage in specific types of behavior. The forum activity that can trigger automated blocks includes (but is not limited to):

  • Repeatedly spamming the forum as a new user
  • Repeatedly posting links as a new user
  • Posting duplicates of the same content as a new user
  • Posting trigger words (These are typically either very obscene words or words that have to do with violence)
  • Posting multiple times a few seconds apart, especially if you are a new user
  • Repeatedly posting negative comments about other users by username
  • Posting threats or extremely negative comments regarding other users, moderators, or staff

The above issues are not limited to public posts. Private messages are subject to both automated and manual moderation. Private messages can be flagged by other users or by the automated system. Private messages by be monitored. No data transmission over the internet or information stored on servers accessible through the internet can be guaranteed to be fully secure. These activities are undertaken at your risk

Violations of the rules and guidelines can result in lowered forum access (losing forum levels) to short term or long term suspensions. Controversial discussions are not specifically against the forum rules, but name calling, bashing, baiting or trolling may be considered a reason for restrictions.:For questions or concerns regarding the Fiverr community sites, please contact Customer Support.

Q. Are there any keyboard shortcuts I can use on the forum?

A: Yes!


Are there more sellers or more buyers on the forum?

While there is no concise answer, based on the observations of Regular forum members the majority of active forum users are sellers. But then again, sellers can also be buyers, and there’s even a large number of members who don’t contribute to the forum but rather just read it.

So a clear answer would be: there are more active sellers than active buyers. This is because buyers have a workflow that’s less prone to difficulties – they buy and get what they came for.

Sellers, on the other hand, tend to invest more time in Fiverr than buyers do, thus encountering more difficulties & problems that need discussing. Because of that, sellers regularly use the forum to share their experiences, tips & ideas, to get inspiration from other sellers’ experiences, report malfunctions, and keep up to date with any new changes to the platform.

If you’re a seller, ask yourself: when you buy something from an online store, do you also enter its forum even if your buying experience went smooth and you got what you came for? If by any chance you do enter its forum, would you get active and contribute, or just read a bit?

:point_up: One thing to keep in mind: If you are a seller and you are posting on the forum, your buyers may be reading even if they don’t participate. You should always assume that buyers, staff, potential Fiverr users and others are reading!

Q: Where can I find something other than the rules, just basic guidelines and thoughts to help me engage on the Fiverr forum?

A: Check this out:


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