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[QUESTION] Is this thing allowed on Fiverr?

Hello community,
So i am a newbie into this field of freelancing its just been a 1 or 2 month that I have joined fiverr to start this freelancing journey. So i currently offer my services into the video editing category, so recently I was going through the search option in this category, I was looking at all the gigs which are ranked on the first page, what are the things that they are doing correct and I am not, how they all have structured their gig description, what are the images and videos they all are using in their gig, so to be precise I was analyzing all other sellers who were also offering the same service as I am and are ranked on the first page.

So I was doing this search process and there was one gig which really took my attention, so the GIG didn’t had any problem altogether, he was a level 2 seller and was very successful in the category that he is offering service (video editing), which took my attention was his profile, i was very impressed with his gig one downside he disabled live portfolio so i wasn’t able to see what were the projects that he worked on but the reviews and all they were all perfect in fact he had a total of more than 4k+ reviews and all were 5 star not a single bad review.

So i went on to his profile to see what other services he is offering and to learn more about him, there i saw one GIG which really took my attention and that’s the reason I am asking this question is this thing allowed on FIVERR.
Just look at the screen shot and please do lemme know about your opinion…

So i totally dont know if its correct or not, so should i just report this or just move on coz it’s none of my business…
Please do lemme know your opinion what you guys think of this if it’s correct to make such GIG or not.
THANK you for your time…

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This is a history thing.
It’s not allowed to make a tips gig now, but Fiverr didn’t use to have that option when an order was completed, so tip gigs were a thing back then. I’m guessing the account is fairly old?

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Yeahhh its pretty old , its a 2015 account, so i do get your point but dont you think Fiverr should take this initiative to tell all those sellers whoever having this type of GIG to remove them coz now they have introduced this feature…

Actually I dont have any problem this guy having this GIG but it just creates a negative feeling that you have a GIG for which you ain’t providing any service
Thanks for your clarification tho…