Question! Just wanted to be sure about mutual cancelation!


Hello, I have a quick question and I just wanted to be 100% sure.

(Sorry if I am posting this under the wrong category!)

I got an order from this buyer, but for numerous reasons I decided to

ask for a mutual cancellation.

Back in the old version of Fiverr, you had 2 choices, the forced cancellation and the mutual one.

For Fiverr 2, this message box with a robot popped up, so I went ahead and typed in the message

to the buyer, asking for a mutual cancellation.

I am aware that for the old version, a mutual cancellation would not affect your rating.

How is it in the new version? Does it affect your rating in any way?


Mutual Cancellation Does not Affect your rating, But large amount of mutually cancelled gigs will eventually affect as demotion from LEVELS. And it will be shown up on GIG and/or on your profile that cancellation ratio of this user/gig is this.

So avoid from mutual cancellation as well.


Thank you!

So far my cancellation rate is 1% so I think I’m OK. :smiley:

The buyer went ahead and cancelled it for me, phew…


You are welcome :slight_smile:

I also have 1%.


I think it affect because cancellation rate showing on your profile


Reply to @seo_teams: Yes i agree with you. It shows when its at critical level. But it does not affect RATING and it does not drop ratings etc.

Showing cancellation can decrease buyers interest however. In this way it affect sales, not rating.


it doesnt affect your gig rating but too many cancellations will demote your level, so only do it when absolutely necessary