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Question - Late Order

I have an order that is now marked under 'Late" status. I paid to have the gig produced within 24 hours and it is now past that time. Is it possible to get refunded the extra money I paid to have this product delivered in 24 hours?

I rather not cancel the order all together. I would hate it if it was already being worked on and the time put into it was for nothing on the sellers end. I can feel good waiting over 24 hours for $5… not as much paying the extra $10.


Communicate with your seller. See if you can cancel the current order and replace it with a new one. Unfortunately partial refunds are not possible. Best of luck.

luckily the person uploaded at least during that day, so i can accept it. also in part wondering for future times it may happen.

If I paid extra for 24 hour delivery and it was not delivered by then I would always cancel the whole order. No reason for such bad service.