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Question: Mutual Cancellations Have Absolutely No Effect Any Longer on Ratings or Levels?


I just want to get the straight. We all know how buyers order things we don’t sell and sometimes mutual cancellations are inevitable.

If I ready correctly on Fiverr’s blog, mutual cancellations no longer effect our ratings or levels? Correct?

The REAL question: Do mutual cancellations have any negative impact on sellers at all?

Thanks to all who answer.



No, no negative impact as they stated, i think. Because this was a major loophole, as competitors are simply order a huge order and cancelled it


Yeah, I had this stupid competitor do this to me. Great!


That’s a big one!


Does anyone else have this question?



I had mutual cancealation for orders recently. They said it will have no affect as of fiverr blog posts.

When i checked my dashboard< analytics today. i see orders cancelled and a piechart showing some percentage.

what is this. is it a simple status for our on reference or fiverr count it for level status or profile visibility.?


@shyjal: I don’t see any cancellations on your profile.

If it’s a mutual cancellation, it shows just as a status for your reference.