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❓📛 Common Forum Questions 🤔 🐛 (Bugs, Staff, Forum Levels, Forum Fun and More)

This post is one of a series of posts to answer a few of the common reoccurring questions on the forum. Note: If you are looking for the Introductory Forum Questions you can find it here for basics about the forum, logins, etc. To search for more Forum Questions posts, try forum search. and search for FIVERRFO.

Q: If I should report bugs to Customer Support, what is the Report a Bug forum category for?

A: The Report a Bug forum category is essentially for three purposes.

  • One is to find out if an issue is really a bug or not by reporting it on the forum and learning from the replies.
  • The second is to compare notes with other forum users and see if a supposed bug is a site-wide issue, a limited issue, or just a problem on the user end.
  • The third use for this category is to inform forum users that you have already reported a particular bug to Customer Support. In the case of a serious bug, this may encourage others to report it along with you. In the case of a minor glitch, forum users will know that it has already been reported and can disregard it.

It’s also handy to have a Bug Report category on the forum since users, moderators or staff may know of temporary workarounds.

Q: Speaking of staff, a common question is: Does Fiverr Staff visit the forum?

A: Yes. There are some staff members who work directly with the Community and are the most likely to visit the forum often, but they are usually monitoring the forum and they rarely post. You will occasionallly see a post or comment by a staff member. You can tell that someone is either staff member by their forum badge and title.
Staff badge with title:imageimage

(If you a see a user with a badge image but no Fiverr Staff title, that person is probably a volunteer moderator.)

In addition to the regular Community-oriented staff members who visit the forum, there are other staff members who may visit more rarely. Developers, Editors, Customer Support representatives and other staff members may stop in to read the Site Suggestions category and to review specific threads as requested by the moderation team. These are staff who usually do not post on the forum, but are around reading from time to time. A large group of staff members have moderator abilities on the forum and can step in to assist with moderation if the volunteers need help.

Create a Support ticket here.



Q: What are forum Trust Levels?
A: Here is a great staff post about Trust Levels.

Q: I think I meet the criteria for a particular Trust Level but I haven’t been promoted. Why?
A: There are a few reasons this can happen as follows:

  • Some criteria for specific trust levels (especially levels 3 and above) have been customized. Not all of the criteria are visible for these higher levels.
  • A user who is under staff investigation for a ToS warning may be locked at their current trust level.
  • If a user had received many flags, warnings or suspensions their trust level can be locked. For example, a user who has been flagged several times for spam may be locked at a low trust level to limit the number of posts they can make.
  • A user who has been suspended at least once is no longer eligible for trust levels above level 2.
  • Some high trust levels can be achieved only through manual promotion.

Are games allowed on the forum since they do not relate to Fiverr?

Yes, as long as they are created in the “Conversations” subcategory located here: #Your-Fiverr-Experience:conversations. This subcategory is a more relaxed section where you can talk about non-Fiverr related matters, and games make a good topic as they allow you to meet other forum members in a fun & engaging way, learn new things or find out new stuff, and even relieve stress after a day of hard work.

However, even games can go awry at times, so make sure to stay within the Forum Rules & Guidelines, and don’t stuff the Conversations section with games because it’s not solely dedicated to games.

Have fun!

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Q: Do I have to be active on the forum in order to become a TRS?

A: No. The great majority of TRS members got their badge without participating on the forum. Fiverr forum is a wonderful place to talk to other sellers and buyers, ask questions, participate in discussions, and have fun, but has nothing to do with whether you become a TRS or not.

Q: Will posting on the forum bring me more sales?

A: In most cases, no. There’s a small chance that a buyer will notice you and buy from you if your posts are really helpful (and not just generic “good tips”, or repeating what someone else said, or spam, or insulting buyers you are angry at), but generally speaking, posting on the forum is unlikely to bring you sales.