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Question, need liitle help guys


I want to start one new gig with one promotion.
Its alow to offer bonus after delivery one order ?
Something like…if u like it my delivery order, u can send me message to activate your free bonus ?


Not good way to get orders.


Suggest you check the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


sorry, i dont understand u


so nobody dont know exacly if its alow ?


If you’re going to give your buyers a bonus, send it with the delivery rather than after, otherwise it could be seen as trying to manipulate feedback,


so how i can do that ? after u give me your feedback u can activate free bonus or how to say ?


Don’t mention feedback - just give them a bonus, otherwise you could get into trouble.


You need to send the bonus when you deliver the order.

Do not say they will get it after they give feedback. You do not want to sound like you are rewarding them for giving feedback since you could get your account banned for feedback manipulation.


So how i must to say ?

this its what u get , and if u like u can send message in inbox for send u the bonus ?

or its better

u order one , and i get two ?


They should not have to do anything at all to get the bonus. Just give it to them automatically.


This really sounds like you are trying to plan something that might get you in trouble. The only easy way to offer a bonus safely is just to deliver something extra and say that you have delivered a free bonus as a thank you. Something like that would work, but you should not make any mention that they have to leave feedback or send you a particular message or anything.

Also, you need to write in complete words and sentences in your gig descriptions and advertising. Don’t use “u” for “you” or anything like that. Buyers want professionalism.


yes i understand that , but i dont want the bonus to be in the order , and i want just the buyer accept the bonus or not
Its better if i write like that : ?
I offer this for 5$ and for next order u will receive double ? Its just marketing :slight_smile:


Don’t make them do anything extra to get their bonus. Either give it to them with their delivery or don’t give it to them at all.

It may just be ‘marketing’, but please be careful, on Fiverr it could get you into trouble.


You should ask customer support but I think they may say you can’t.

Fiverr has very strict rules that can cause a sellers account to get banned for some things like this.

As we have said, either give the bonus with the order without requiring anything to get it or don’t give any bonus.


Then i forget about bonus … I just ask if its alow … u will survivre without any promotion.

Its alow services per 2 months , 6 months ? custom offer , if the member want like that ?


Have a look at all the info here:

and here:

It really will help! :slightly_smiling_face:


this answer its for all questions :)) all we know lol


First off: try to articulate what you actually want to do in a way that it is not only clear to you, but to anyone else.

Second: send them a voucher as PDF that they can send back to you before you make them a new custom offer.


thanks for your help.