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Question: No impressions after writing gig. Been a week

I’m trying to figure out why my new gig isn’t getting impressions. I’ve written 3 others, and they were up and getting impressions, which of course, turn into views, etc. after like a few days of being written.

It’s been a week since I wrote this new one, and it still isn’t getting impressions. I’m guessing it might be stuck in Fiverr limbo. Has anyone else had this happen? Any way to get it unstuck?


Maybe change your gig tags? That’s strange that after a week you get 0. Maybe there’s a problem with your gig, is it in the ‘active’ section of your gigs?

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Yeah, it says it’s active, in digital market-infleunce marketing. I’ve just tried tweaking it a little, changing the delivery days from 10 to 3 days. Like I said, I was wondering if it was just stuck. Usually just takes a few days for gigs to get impressions, right?

Yes when you revise your gig it takes 24 hrs to show back up in search results. Try going to your section on Fiverr and scrolling through the pages to see if yours is there. It does take a few days, as impressions fluctuate so wait a little and see if anything changes and if nothing, maybe contact CS to see what’s up. Hope it gets fixed soon!

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check this comment on this post, I don't get clicks, views or impressions...everything is 0...HELP PLEASE!

Thanks for the thread. Maybe they are doing updates or something, and maybe backed up approving new gigs.

Yeah, maybe

So, had 2 impressions. Thinking maybe the update of changing the delivery times might have helped. But still, only 2 impressions. My other gigs never started this slow before.

Hey. I was wondering if you had any luck?